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 Avatar 0.58 + 0.58b Changelog

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PostSubject: Avatar 0.58 + 0.58b Changelog    Avatar 0.58 + 0.58b Changelog  Icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2011 5:08 am

=== Player-friendliness

-Improved tooltip for Discover, and many entries in the Quest Teller.

=== Gameplay

-The obsolete Global Warming game feature has been removed.

** Humans

-Now at war with the Na'vi since start.
-Production of some vehicles now takes longer.

** Avatars

-Strength growth per level increased.

-Food pool for the Avatar team reduced to 300.
-That means 75 food per player, if team is full.
-Reduced food cost of: Titanothere Rider.

-Persuasion is no longer allowed on human units.
Cooldown reduced.
Hotkey changed.

-Interact on animals and Humans now gives Knowledge, even when causing no effect.
Knowledge gain from that is now the same amount, no matter the target.

--Animal Knowledge:
*All unlocks now require more of it, except neutrality.
*Mirrorshell Crabs now give some when killed.
*Other animals give more than before.

--Animal Knowledge Unlocks:
*Some unlock texts are more precise.
*There is now a separate, higher unlock for:
**Interact on Toruk;
**Persuasion on Toruk.

--Human Knowledge:
*Requirement for Sabotage is now higher.
*Removed the "Destroy" effect for Metal Fences.
They are now treated like all other human buildings.
*Added the "Handicap" effect for Interact on vehicles.

-Kills performed by using human weapons now properly gives Knowledge of Humans.
-Stolen human weapon items:
Precision and range increased.
-Rocket Launcher item:
Now shoots 2 rockets at once, but has less charges.
-Flamethrower item:
Has less charges.
-SMG item:
Has more charges.

-Mirrorshell duration increased: 5 minutes -> 15 minutes.
-Some animal items have more effects.

** Eywa

-New spell: "Ice Cloud".
-New spell: "Evolution: Global Sight".

-Pandoraquake is no longer channeling.

-When introduction is over, Eywa has zero mana.
-There are more Animal Respawners.
Animals respawn closer to their Respawners and move farther after birth.
Respawning animals are abit more agressive.

=== Environment

-More terrain blockers like cliffs and pits.
-Removed the loop sound of some rock doodads.

=== Cosmetics

-Increased sound quality of default and hometree death musics.

=== Glitches

-Fixed these units from not giving Knowledge of Humans:
Drone, Airdrone, Scout Bot, Horizon, Dragon Gunship.

-Fixed human players obtaining Knowledge of Humans when killing their own units.

-Fixed Quest Teller not displaying Human and Navi quests properly.

animal knowledge trigger is now a scope.
HasAnimalItemsLVL5P etc.
Riding ground system now has positive loc adjustment for anti flicker.
higher range for dum atkr flamethrower.
rawcode dum atkr smg etc, in vjass init.


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Avatar 0.58 + 0.58b Changelog
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