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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar 0.43   Changelog Avatar 0.43 Icon_minitimeFri Aug 13, 2010 9:00 pm

-Text when a Powerstone is activated is now displayed to all players, not just Eywa.

-Highlighted food production of na'vi buildings.

-Capitalized some words.


-Unmounted foot units can now build all types of Na'vi buildings, not just Hammocks and Watcher.

-New Fauna ability: Global Control. (icon by lelyanra)
-New Fauna ability: Swarm.
-Green Peace can be used on Animal Respawners too.
-Modified requisite for Primal Fury.

-New hero ability: Chromatic Blender.
-Commander now ignores enemy evasion.


-Animal respawners: more resistant.
-Added many Mirrorshell Crabs on the beaches.

-Hunter's Lodge no longer costs food.

-Metal Fences give less Understanding of Humans.

Lowered range, especially in AMP form.
Lowered duration of ministun.
Increased attack speed.
-AMP Private, AMP Medic, AMP Rocket Trooper: made acquisition range consistent.

-New icons for:
Pandoran Abilities Menu. (by RED BARON)
Deceiving Lights. (by kola)
Animal Control and its side effects. (by lelyanra)
Green Martyr. (by Hellx-Magnus)
Attack type: custom. (by Forgotten_Warlord)
Cutter Arm, Secret Passages. (by The_Silent)
Energy Discharge. (by TTFTCUTS)
Fauna Abilities Menu, Flora Abilities Menu. (by SkriK)
Sentinel. (by CRAZYRUSSIAN)
Root Embrace. (by -BerZeKeR-)

-Gave Deceiving Lights its proper buff.

-Fixed hotkeys for Deceiving Lights; Space Drop Request Delivery.

-Updated the message when you don't have enough food, playing as Avatar.

eywa spells folders
erased old animal control


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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Changelog Avatar 0.43
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