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 Avatar 0.59 Changelog

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PostSubject: Avatar 0.59 Changelog   Avatar 0.59 Changelog Icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 5:51 am

=== Player-friendliness

-Shortened alot of tooltips.

-More precise error text when an avatar has too many items of the same class.

-Mirrorshell duration is now mentioned in the tooltip.

-Added the " -reset " chat command to the list of commands resetting the camera.

-Camera commands in F9 now have their own separate entry.
-Added a "How to play" entry in F9.
-Shortened the "Play as <both sides>" entries in F9.

-Updated Infoboxes for all bullet weapon users.
-Fixed tooltip for Unburrow.

=== Gameplay

-Hero levelup is now slower, especially for the higher levels.

** Humans

-There is no longer a tutorial quest about eywa's stones.

-The obsolete Refund from metal foundries game feature has been removed.

-Now have a strength growth per level.
-Now have "Dense Armor" among their hidden passives.
-No longer have the obsolete ability Interact.
-Recon Shellcam: duration reduced, manacost increased.
--Commander & his AMP:
*Their version of "Energy Discharge" is now considered superior,
so other Tesla Pistol users have a nerfed version of that passive.
*Removed Morale Aura.
*New passive: "Static Field".
*Electric Cremation can be learnt at level 2.
-AMP Commander:
*Range slightly reduced.

-All bullet weapon users (except: Scorpion, Dragon, Sentry):
Attack speed reduced.

--Infantry units:
*No longer have: "Special Moves toggle", "EKIN Somersault".
*Now benefit from the "EKIN Boots" speed upgrade.
-Medic and Private: movement speed reduced to the same as other infantry units.

-Medic & his AMP:
*Weapon changed to Tesla Pistol.
*Armor increased to the same as Firebat & his AMP.

-Rocket Trooper & his AMP:
*Now use the custom projectile system, and thus now have an Infobox. Can miss etc.
*Now deal AoE damage and stun on each attack.
*Damage is now the same for infantry and AMP version, but AMP shoots faster.
*Damage is lower than before.

-Firebat & his AMP:
*Damage increased.

-Mantis Quattro: range slightly reduced.
-MLRS: produced slower.
-Swan: increased turn speed, reduced movement speed.
-Scorpion, Samson: increased turn speed.
-Electro Shocker:
*Its Plated Armor is now the superior version.
*Built faster, longer range.
*More HP and speed.
*No longer has Gather Unobtanium.

-Scout Bots:
*Cost modified, max HP increased.
*HP regeneration increased, mana regeneration reduced.
*Now has Hostile Detector when unburrowed.

-Hostile Detector: Manacost increased, hotkey changed.

-The "Repair Bots" unob-grade is no longer active before construction is finished.

--Unobtanium upgrades:
-Cost increased for some of them.
-Removed: the one increasing hero attack speed.
-"AMP EKIN Boots": weaker, and no longer requires "EKIN Boots".
-"Officer Survival Training" is stronger.
-"Officer Tactical Training" effect is no longer "Rally". It's now "Deploy".
Erased Rally.
*New Unob-grade: "Adaptive Chassis".
*New Unob-grade: "Hybrid Motors".

** Avatars

*Increased: initial damage, strength growth per level.
*Lowered: initial stats, attack speed, HP regeneration.

-Resurrect Avatar: casting time much increased.

-Animal Knowledge:
*All unlocks now require more of it.
*Some animals give more than before.
*Discover gives much more than before.

-Ikran Pickaxe use is now considered an agression by Animal Neutrality.
-Conic Trunk's "Impale": stronger, costing more mana, longer cooldown.

-Updated stats of stolen human weapons.
-SMG has less charges.


-Watcher: HP reduced.

** Eywa

-Ice Cloud: deals more damage over less time, costs more mana.

=== Environment

-These tree types no longer block sight: Delta Tree, Bioluminescent Tree, Small Mushroom Tree, Palm Tree.
-Delta Trees are darker.
-More terrain blockers like cliffs and pits.

=== Cosmetics

-Modified icons for many entries in F9.

=== Glitches

-Fixed Barracks getting transport slots.
-Fixed Scout Bot's auto-burrow from requiring the Battle Drones unob-grade.
It now works as intended.
-Fixed refund when making more AMP suits than the Armor Bay can handle,
being lower than what the AMP suit had actually costed.
-Reduced impact of a minor glitch about deforestation.
-Removed some invisible obsolete upgrades from some units (Worker, AMPs).
-Removed obsolete Special Moves toggle from Drone.
-Fixed humans being capable of depleting Unobtaniums extremely faster than they were supposed to.

-Fixed Interact on Toruk being unlocked earlier than said in Quest Teller.
-Fixed "Avatar - Riding" having a different main stat than when not riding.


added some missing rawcodes in vjass init.
erased 'sniper(todo)'.
erased the "supply" unob-grade trigger.
removed dum_atkr_bertha_cannon from custproj_smg_simple.
custprojsmg simple is now a scope.


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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Avatar 0.59 Changelog
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