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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.55

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.55   Changelog Avatar beta 0.55 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 8:06 am

=== Player-friendliness

-Improved tooltips for: na'vi units; neurotoxic poison; Puffball Bulb;
watcher; Battle Drones.

-Updated Infoboxes for human units.

-Shorter text for tutorial toggle at start.

-Unobtanium Upgrades now tell where to unlock them in their name.

-"Powerstones" renamed: "Rune Stones"

=== Gameplay

-"Bird Patrol" renamed "Butterfly Patrol".
Changed model and attack art for the units spawned by this spell.
Their projectiles are now faster and deal Siege damage instead of Normal.

-There is now a very short cooldown on "Attack Ground Once".

** Animals

-Titanothere aggro range increased: 300 -> 500.
-Wild non-Titanothere animals no longer refuse to attack buildings.

** Humans

-New building: "Electro Shocker". Disabler.
-New unit: "Scout Bot". Recon.
-New unit: "Horizon". Anti-Air Artillery.
-New unit: "Dragon Gunship". Heavy Air Assault.

-All Infantry units: +100 range, higher armor.
-All Sub Machine Gun or 30mm Autocannon users (except buildings, Samson & Scorpion):
Attack cooldown reduced by 33%.
-Scorpion attack cooldown: 1 second -> 0.6 seconds.
-Samson attack cooldown: 0.3 second -> 0.6 seconds.

-Afterburn slow increased: 8% -> 12%.
-Tank: attack speed increased.
-ISV turn speed increased.
-Micro-Missiles: precision increased.

-Big Bertha now uses the map's Custom Projectile System:
Can miss, accuracy decreases with distance;
Can deal collateral damage;
Knockback on units near the impact.
-Big Bertha shoots faster, and deals less damage per shot.

-Scorpion and Tank no longer require "Heavy Weaponry".
-"Heavy Weaponry": money cost reduced.
-"Body Armor Upgrade": only 1 level now, stronger and costing more money
than the old 3 levels together.
-"Survival Training": only 1 level now, stronger and costing more money
than the old 2 levels together.

-Those Unobtanium Upgrades no longer exist: the one that increased supply;
the one giving faster infantry regeneration; the one increasing AMP armor.
-Removed alot of Unobtanium Upgrade requisites from other Unobtanium Upgrades.
-Changed many costs for Unobtanium Upgrades.

-Lowered food pool for RDA team: 160 (40 per player) -> 144 (36 per player).
-Lowered foodcost of: Mantis Quattro; Valkyrie.
-Lowered food production of ISV.

-Barracks: now have an unbuildable area at the edge of their footprint.
-Removed 2 obsolete abilities from them.
-Lowered food production: 4.
-Barracks can make Drones and Airdrones too now.

-Space Drop:
"Squad" now features a Firebat, and costs 8 food.

** Avatars

-Quest Teller (F1) now actually tells all possible quests for Avatars.

-Sabotage damage increased: 25% -> 30% (of max HP).

-Discover now also gives Knowledge of Animals on: Mirrorshell Crab; Locust;
Animal Respawner.
-Discover now works on your own Na'vi units.
-Discover now gives Knowledges when casted on Powerstones.

** Na'vis

-New navi unit Titanothere Rider

-Huntress range reduced.
-Ikran Makto range increased.
-Watcher range increased.
It now has an attack based on "Warrior - Spearthrower" vs mechanical units.
-"Warrior - Melee" no longer has Taunting.
Titanothere Rider now has it.

-Taunting now requires Titanothere clan instead of the Thanator one.
-Thanator clan upgrade: effect increased.
-Neurotoxic Poison: slow no longer stacks, damage and duration reduced.

-Recalculated damage and armor for "Warrior - Melee", "Warrior - Spearthrower",
"Huntress", and other na'vi units that depended on them.
-Ikran makto attack stats made consistent with Warrior - Spearthrower.

-Completely redone the techtree.
*Navi buildings no longer cost anything.
*They can no longer be repaired.
*Seeds no longer exist.
*Spirit Lodge is now the research building.

** Eywa

-Tree Of Souls is slightly more to the north.

-Changed positions of some Animal Respawners.
-Animals respawn much closer to Animal Respawners,
and move farther after birth.

=== Environment

-Most Rune Stones are now much closer to where humans start.

=== Cosmetics

-New icons for: Metal Extractor; Toruk; Killer Aura; Foundry Supply;
Embark Unobtanium; Radar; Unlock Radar Enhancements; A.P.C.
(Many of these being genuine).

-Fixed icons for Job skills in Metal Foundries.

-New models for Drone & Airdrone.
They now have teamcolor.
Changed the "Gather Unobtanium" animation in effect trigger.
-New model for Barracks.

-Added a zoom out at the end of victory movements.

=== Glitches

-Fixed ADB not having the slots mentioned in its description.

-"Kamikaze" can now target mechanical units.

-Fixed Green Peace not healing as much as it should on non-doodads.
-Fixed Eywa's Rain buff being too short.

-Fixed a visual glitch with the old Barracks model.

=== Other

-More waits in intro to avoid lag.


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Changelog Avatar beta 0.55
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