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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.28 series

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.28 series   Changelog Avatar beta 0.28 series Icon_minitimeTue Jun 01, 2010 12:28 pm

-Rocket Launcher renamed: Rocket Trooper.
-"Trooper - Heavy" renamed: Firebat.
-AMP suit version of workers renamed: AMP Worker "Slash Cutter".
-Shortened names for other AMP suit types.
-Hunter renamed: Huntress.
-Improved tooltips for Corp heroes.

- Auto-deforesting units now have an SFX over their head to be easily recognizable.

-Increased foodcap for Avatars, lowered foodcap for Corps.
-Total foodcaps for the Avatar team and the Corp team are now constant: when someone leaves, remaining players get his share of total team foodcap for themselves.

-Added some Puffball Trees.
-Puffball Trees now cause the Puffball bulb's effect when they get cut down.
-Items that stay on the ground now disappear after 2 minutes.

-Modified the way Na'vi units are unlocked: they can now be seen in the train menu but with a requirement, instead of not appearing at all (experimental).
-Avatars now get bonus HP when becoming a Clan Leader.

-Avatars can now use Interact on foot soldiers to Disarm them (damages, turns them into workers, drops their weapon).
-They can now use Corp weapons (see " *Corps " section below).
-Avatars now have 6 slots in their inventory, and amount of items that are hand-carried is limited to 2.
This includes Conic Trunks and Tree Barks. Does not include Corp weapons and throwable items.

-Conic Trunk level 2 and level 3 now also give the Bash effect.

-The Tree of Souls now actually gets mana income from trees alive, and the exact amount is displayed to the player every time it is gathered.
-New Fauna spell: Primal Fury.

-Foot units are now interswitchable:
Soldiers use "Drop Job Equipment" to drop their weapon on the floor, and become workers.
Workers can pick up "Job Equipment" items on the floor, to become soldiers of the corresponding type.
Workers can now be trained into all other types of foot soldiers, no longer only into privates.
-Some units now have a chance to drop their weapon when killed.
For foot soldiers it would be their Job Equipment.

-Foot units now get a specific AMP suit type based on their own type. Heroes included.
For example, Firebats will now get AMP Firebat instead of getting the SMG-using one like in previous versions.
For Corps, this is equivalent to having 4 new unit types. (Models by Pyramidhe@d, anarchianbedlam, Mc !)

-New building: Armor Bay.
-New building: Dispersor.
Micromissile tower.
-New vehicle: Mantis Quattro.
Super heavy siege.
-New vehicle: Swan.
Light recon.

-New Unobtanium Upgrades.

-Tech Center now performs normal researches (not requiring unobtanium credits).
-Field Medic is now ble to get an AMP suit like other foot units.
-AMP Worker "Slash Cutter" is now classified "worker", and thus will display an idle worker icon when idle.
-AMP Suit - Leader no longer has a minimal attack range.
-Changed armor type for Corp vehicles to Large instead of Fortified.
-Unobtanium Detector now gives permanent sight of detected Unobtaniums. Tooltip updated.

-Tripled HP regen for all organic units.
-Reduced HP to 1 for all items.

-Ikrans: much lowered minimal damage, slightly lowered max HP, increased foodcost.
Ikran Maktos were thus re-balanced to respect the balance formulas.

-Increased manacost for throwing items. It is now higher for Misty Bulbs than Spears.

-Instinctive persuasion:
Cooldown increased.
Now has a manacost except at max level.

-Misty Bulbs:
Renamed: Puffball Bulbs.
Lowered minimal amount of charges.
Lowered duration to 17 seconds and fixed one pellet lasting shorter than the other 3.

-Pandoraquake: reduced manacost and duration.
-All other spells: increased manacost.
-Root Embrace: no longer deals damage.
-Animal Control: increased cooldown and duration.

-All units using the custom attack system now have an additional constant 26% chance to miss, not affected by distance to target.
-Divided by 2 the miss chance from distance in all custom attack formulas.

-Custom attack system using units: increased damage and attack speed (much stronger).
Collateral damage from missing bullets is now higher: a random number between minimum damage and half damage compared to a non-missing bullet.

-Sentry: lowered minimal attack range.
-Rocket Troopers: much increased damage.
-Hell Truck: foodcost lowered.
-AMP suits: now manufactured much faster.
-Hero AMP suits: increased turn speed.
-Tanks: made faster.
-Space Pad: cheaper, less resistant.

-New model for Sentry. Removed the old one. F9 updated. (model by General Tekno)
-New model for Private's SMG weapon. Removed the old one. F9 updated. (model by Leeroy)
-New genuine Na'vi skin for Na'vi Hunter (and Neytiri in the first Avatar mission). (by Dj0z)
-New genuine Avatar icons for: Thanator, Atokirina, Samson, Ikran, Hometree, Avatar, Huntress, AMP Worker, AMP Firebat, AMP Private, Armor bay, ISV, Scorpion, Swan, Titanothere, HQ, Ikran Makto, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, SMG, Space Pad, Barracks, Sentry, Tech Center, Vehicle factory, Infobox Field Medic.

-Rocket Troopers are now easier to differenciate.
-Fixed selection circle for Tech Center.

-Capped words in unit names.

-Fixed AMP suit slash cutter from costing food.
-Fixed Workers being droppable regardless of food limit.
-Avatars should now be automatically resurrected even after general rebellion, fixing them being sometimes unable to revive.
-Fixed the unlock when becoming a clan leader from re-displaying text when capturing other clans.
-FIxed a glitch that would select the rider avatar for all players instead of just the owner, when an avatar rides a toruk.

-Fixed tooltip for Unobtanium Upgrade subcategories.
-Fixed hotkey for Rest.
-Field medic now has its own infobox instead of having Private's one.

Changes by Banefull

-Added many new Unobtanium Upgrades and researches.

-Optimized doodad usage, slightly reducing lag and loading time.
-Optimized Unobtanium Upgrades system.

disabled jngp no limits
removed troll.blp
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.28 series
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