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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.16 + 0.17

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.16 + 0.17 Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.16 + 0.17   Changelog Avatar beta 0.16 + 0.17 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 11:32 am

-Modified positions of units in Barracks.
-Wood renamed materials. It now has a custom tooltip.

-New armor effect: Dense armor, anti piercing attacks.
-New tree types (Banefull).

-Avatar players no longer give bounty when their units die.

-Titanotheres now have Dense armor.

-New special ability: Rest.
Regenerates mana and HP while sleeping. Will stop if the Avatar gets agressed.

-Palm tree bark:
Now also gives the Plated armor effect in addition of the bonus defense.
Now also gives the Dense armor effect.

-Persuaded ikrans are no longer able to attack units other than air defaultly.
-When recruiting the Na'vi Sky Clan, the Avatar now unlocks for his units the ability for ikrans to attack ground units, buildings and trees.

-Persuaded Corp workers can no longer gather unobtanium.

-New unit: Field Medic.
-New unit: Scorpion Assault Copter.
-New hero: Commander.

(models by General_Frank).

-New ability for Airbase: Aircraft supply.

-SMG users can no longer target trees.
-Starting units now include 2 field medics.
-Space pad now has dense armor.
-HeadQuarters are now limited to one per player. Tooltip updated.

-Food cap raised (80->90).
-Minimal speed for both buildings and units lowered (25->1).

-Miss chance for SMG and 30mm Autocannon users increased.
-Reduced collateral damage from missing 30mm Autocannon bullets.

-Thanator: reduced hp, increased attack speed, movement speed and turn speed slightly.
-Titanothere: reduced range and attack cooldown.

-There is now only 1 unobtanium at most to gather under each Na'vi Hometree.
- "Power-building" now costs less resources.
-Reduced tank shots aoe.
-Workers: increased base hp regeneration.
-Space pad hp and metal cost reduced.
-HQ: max range reduced.
-AMP suits: max range reduced.
-Metal extractor output doubled.
-Sentry: reduced range and accuracy.

-New terrain (by Banefull, tweaked by Dj0z).
-Scaled down most units.
-New bullet models (by Talon the Mage).

-Changed Thanator model.
-Modified icon for AMP suit infoboxes
-Changed icon for Gatling assault.
-Improved the ground effect caused where Space Drop is used.
-The Avatar no longer plays a spell anim at the end of Secret Passages.
-Lowered Samson flying height.

-Custom Bullet system improved for all concerned types of weapons.
It can no longer cause extra non-missing hits on bizarrely placed targets, and uses abit less cpu performance.

-The leaver share trigger now manages Eywa slot leavers aswell (actually all slots but observer).

-Restrooms renamed: Barracks.
-Modified some hotkeys for Corp buildings.
-Updated the "not enough food" error message.

-Chain Gun renamed 30mm Autocannon.

-Fixed tooltip for Samson (saying it needs people inside so it can attack).
-Fixed Plated armors from not absorbing damage if the damaging unit was owned by the same player as the victim.
-Updated tooltip for Corp Worker.

fixed the land region
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.16 + 0.17
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