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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.57

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.57   Changelog Avatar beta 0.57 Icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 11:02 am

=== Player-friendliness

-Updated the global announcement about Rune Stone activation.

-Fixed tooltips for construction of all Na'vi buildings.

-Fixed the colorcode in puffball tooltip.

-Removed alot of unnecessary texts at the beginning of the game.
-The first text diplayed to players lasts longer,
and is displayed more in column-like pattern.

-Deactivated the secondary texts of "Hero Death Tips".

-Improved tooltip for Discover.

=== Gameplay

-Neutral hostile now gives sight to observer.

** Humans

-Removed the "Analyze Na'vis" tutorial quest.

-Unburrowed Scout Bots no longer count as surviving human units.

-Spaceship cast point is longer.
-Scout Bot: sight range increased.
-Security Leader's "Gatling Assault":
Effect is now dealt over less time, with same overall damage.
There is no longer a maximum for total damage dealt.
Tooltip improved.

** Avatars

-Avatars start modified:
*Neutral with Eywa instead of enemy.
*No sight share with humans or other avatars.
*Hometrees are pinged on minimap for each Avatar until he rebels.

-Na'vi quests do not require any Charisma anymore.

-"Puffball Bulb" :
Renamed "Puffball Smoke Grenade"
Effect "unit" is bigger, making it easier to target to stop effect.
Duration changed to 14 seconds.

-Toruk Ornament: aura effect weaker.
-Rune Stone Fragment: effect much stronger.
-"Tree Bark":
*Renamed "Palm Bark"
*Now gives "Dense Armor" at LVL1 instead of +7 armor.
Other LVLs unchanged.

-Fixed Discover not giving the bonus it was suppsoed to give on: Conic Tree, Pandoran Tree.
-Removed the effect texts about Animals, Humans, Na'vis, Plants, Rune Stones.
-Body Revival: delay increased.

** Na'vis

-Na'vi hometrees no longer have specific clan names and no longer give specific upgrades.

-New researches: "Resistance of the Na'vi", "Forest Fighting",
"Speed Riding", "Titan Taunt".

-All na'vi buildings (except Hometree) now have Plated Armor passive.
-Removed Inventory from one of them.
-Removed food cost for 2 of them, increased food cost for Spirit Lodge.
-Spirit Lodge no longer trains Shaman.
-Hunter's Lodge: build time much increased.
-Ikran Roost: build time increased.

-Titanothere Rider: foodcost increased.
*Renamed "Titan Taunt"
*Manacost removed, cooldown increased.
*No longer has a max of units affected.
*Tooltip updated.

** Eywa

-Distance from an Atokirina for summon spells is now higher.

-Animal Reinforcement now affects HP regeneration too.

-Plague Eggs requirements reduced.

=== Environment

-Added 2 Hidden Passageways to the Hallelujahs.

=== Glitches

-Having animal neutrality no longer reduces the XP Avatars get
from killing animals (game constants).

-Removed wood cost of Survival Techniques.

-Updated icon for Foundry Supply.


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.57
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