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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.31

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.31   Changelog Avatar beta 0.31 Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 7:59 am

-Camera rotation with arrow keys is no longer activated by hitting "Esc".
It is now activated with the "-camr" chat command. F9 and start tip updated.

-Item tooltips now mention the Item Class and any particular effect that this class may imply (like restriction to 2 for Hand items).
-Improved tooltip for Interact.
-Improved and fixed tooltip for Shaman.
-Improved mission texts in multiboard.

-Improved the "Commands" entry in F9.


-Puffball Bulbs, when used, are now slightly bigger, and they can be destroyed to stop the effect.
They are neutral passive.

-Animal AI:
Apart from Titanotheres, wild animals will no longer try to destroy buildings.
Wild Toruks will no longer wander in the southern part of the map.
Wild Toruks will now respond to attacks instead of still wandering.

-Toruks now always respawn in the northern part of the map.

-New neutral animal: Mirrorshell Crab.

New passive: Titanothere Presence.

New ability: Night Cover.

-Avatars who die before having done their first quest cannot attack anymore during their invulnerability after auto-respawn.

-Discover and Interact are no longer hidden at start, instead they have the "Meet the Na'vis" requirement.

Increased cooldown, and amount of Understanding points gained from using it on things.
-Bonuses from Discover have been separated in categories within the List of Bonuses.
Categories: Passives; Ability Improvements; Actives; Specials.
-New Bonuses.

It is now a hero ability, and thus can be leveled up.
It is no longer inside the "Special Abilities" menu.
Increased cooldown for lower levels, lowered it for higher levels.

-Using Interact on Corp foot soldiers ("Disarm" effect) now gives the weapon directly to the Avatar instead of dropping it at his feet.
It now also gives +1 in Understanding of Humans.
-Understanding of Humans now increases the charges you get when Disarming foot soldiers.
-Buildings now give Understanding of Humans, too.
-Using Interact on Corp buildings will now cause the "Sabotage" effect, or the "Rip" effect if target is a Metal Fence.

-"Battle rage: Resistance" renamed: Battle Rage - Strength.
It now gives 25 bonus strength instead of damage reduction, while on Battle Rage.

-New item: Mirrorshell. Obtained by using Interact on Mirrorshell Crab ("Rip" effect).

-Space drops can no longer be performed on unfinished Space Pads. It returns an error message.

-AMP Worker:
No longer has a minimal attack range (lowered max range aswell).
No longer has room to hide in.
Now always automated, like Dispersor.
No longer requires a driver. Foodcost increased.
Can no longer load a unit.
-Vehicle Factory:
Added a "safety" unbuildable area around the original pathing map.
In other words, the builder AMP and vehicles made by the factory should no longer get stuck.
As a result, it now requires much more room to build.

Reduced damage increase from main stat to +1.
Strength now increases max HP by 5.
Modified Avatar Marine stats. Strength is now his main attribute.

HP increased.
Better Evasion.

Dramatically reduced aoe.
Effect is now slower; deals the same total damage, but over twice as much time.
Reduced the slow on ground units.

-They no longer increase food.
-Reduced food from Quest Teller.

-Understanding of Flora requirements increased, to get better items from Interact on trees.

-Cooldown on the Rocket Launcher item is now slightly lower compared to Rocket Troopers' attack rate, to make up for the aiming time.

-Chance to drop weapons upon death slightly increased.

-Sentry: firing rate slightly decreased. Infobox updated.

-Avatar renamed: Avatar Marine.
-New entries in "Special Thanks" section.

-New model for the Avatar. (by Misha)

-Conic trunk now shows up in hand. (temporary model by HappyTauren)

-Fixed the bug that prevents avatars from respawning after their global rebellion, if they haven't done their first quest yet.
-Fixed Avatar - Riding not having as many item slots as Avatar on foot.
-Fixed the newly added AMP suit types not being refunded by the Unob-Upgrade.

-Fixed hotkey collision for abilities in Armor Bay.

-Fixed the extra passive icon from showing up when using Battle Rage with the Titanothere Bonus.
-Fixed tooltip for SMG item's cooldown.
-Fixed tooltip colors for Taunting.
-Removed an awkwardly placed fish doodad.

Changes by Banefull

-General Changes:
--Str, Agi, and Int now appear colored in hero menus.
--Fixed map version number no longer showing as the multiboard's title.
--Fixed multiboard no longer tracking the number of seconds, minutes, and hours that have elapsed.

-Terrain Changes:
--Fixed pathing blocker issues near Eywa.
--Replaced arches near Eywa.
--Added a few doodads to swamp region.

-Avatar Gameplay Changes:
--When an avatar first discovers a Hometree, the camera will move the target location and after the cinematic sequence is finished, the Atokrina will be added to the player's selection
--Navi structures overhauled:
---Leaf Hammocks no longer give food and cannot produce units.
---Leaf Hammocks now have an inventory and can store items.
---New Structures:
----Hunter's Lodge:
-----Produces Hunters, Warriors, and Dryads.
-----Produces 10 food.
----Spirit Lodge:
-----Produces Shamans.
-----Produces 8 food.
----Ikran Roost:
-----Produces Ikrans and Ikran Rriders.
-----Produces 6 food.
--Avatars will no longer gain +400 hitpoints when they become clan leaders. Instead Avatars can research a health upgrade. The health upgrade has 4 levels each giving +100 hitpoints that become unlocked at each stage of the clan leader process.
--The quest Becoming One of the People will now properly terminate on the multiboard after becoming a clan leader.
--At the beginning of the game, locations of hometrees are highlighted on the minimap for avatar players.

max foodcap in game constants is now 300 (instead of 115).
avatar resurrection is no longer turned off at all.
bonuses are now setup in a separate trigger launched by init.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.31
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