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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.26 series (a b c d)

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.26 series (a b c d) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.26 series (a b c d)   Changelog Avatar beta 0.26 series (a b c d) Icon_minitimeMon May 24, 2010 2:46 am

-ISV Space drop requests now have a specific icon depending on the type of request.

-Improved some tooltips.
-Updated Metal Foundry text about how to get A.M.P. Suits, especially Slash Cutters.


-New ability: Animal Control.

-New unit: Rocket Launcher.
-New building: Metal Fence.

-Slash Cutters are now obtained as AMP suits for workers.
Slash Cutter renamed: AMP Suit - Slash Cutter.
They are now advanced builders in addition of their superior tree-cutting capability.
Building types have been redistributed between Workers and AMP Suits - Slash Cutters.
-Slash Cutters now have Remove Dead Trees and Repair (superior versions compared to Workers).

-AMP suits of all types are now made at the Metal Foundry instead of the Vehicle Factory.
This allows early Slash Cutter use for making room to build the base.
-Improved movement rotation for Slash Cutters.

-Workers and Slash Cutters will now automatically perform tree stump removal when their Deforestation function is activated.
-Deforestation can now be actually activated by just clicking on its icon, without a need to aim at any tree anyhow.

-Metal Extractor requirements changed to Space Pad.
-Metal Extractor is now required for Metal Foundry.
-When a player builds more Metal Extractors than other Corps have, an auto-balancing gives the Metal Extractor to the Corp player who has the least.

-Corp players now get an Unobtanium Credit for each Unobtanium they gather.
-They can spend them to unlock special types of upgrades (Unobtanium Upgrades).
-New Unobtanium Upgrade: Electrified Fences.


-Increased requirements in Understanding of Animals for all Animal Quests.

-Bird Patrol: lowered attack speed of Birds against ground targets, and duration.

-They now start with more troops, that now include rocket launchers.

-ISV: increased rotation speed.
-Metal Extractors: output reduced.

-Remove Dead Trees now takes longer to perform for Workers.

-Changed soundset for Barracks.

-"Unobtanium Deposits" is now the name for Unobtanium "units" throughout the game.
-Units that are under construction now show an icon saying that they're being built.

-It should no longer be possible to get the bonus message twice from using Discover on a Titanothere.
-Root Embrace no longer tries to affect dead units aswell.


Changes by Banefull:
-New multiboard system displaying current objectives on an individual basis. That implies a different multiboard for each player.
-Added many useful informations and tips to quests in multiboard. They will now pop-up when a new quest is active.

-Many quests improved. Added a few quests.
-Texts for most quests improved.


-They no longer start with an Atokirina at start (the builder wisp).
They will now obtain it when they do their first quest (meeting the Na'vi).
If they die before performing that first quest, they now automatically respawn at starting position, and their stats are reset.
-Na'vi quests (for becoming a clan leader) are now more progressive.

erased tower garrison
slash cutter rider movement type
under construction buff
corpplayers renamed corpplayers_total, same for avatars
corpplayers_trueplayers same for avatars
assomoir renamed bash
bash race neutral hostile

metal extractor autobalance should no longer fail to let extractor activated.

removed space drop request workers from container
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.26 series (a b c d)
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