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  Changelog Avatar beta 0.36

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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.36 Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.36    Changelog Avatar beta 0.36 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 9:35 am

-Changed ending text about beta stage.
-Made colorcoding of minimal attack ranges consistent, in red.

-Changed position of some buildings in AMP worker build menu.

-Improved tooltips for Sentry and Dispersor.

-AMP worker can build Space Pad.


-Throwable items: lowered cooldown (lower for puffballs).
-Ikran Pickaxe: increased duration.

-Tech Center: cheaper.
-Valkyrie: slightly larger sight.
-Scorpion: increased unit-level.
-Sentry and Dispersor: Lowered construction time.

-New custom tileset for metallic ground. (by Dj0z)

-Removed the ground sfx on Wormhole Generator.

-Metal Extractor Auto-balance now works exactly as intended. There is no longer a chance to let ownership to an ally when the Extractor you just built gives you just 1 more Extractor than the others on your team.
-Fixed AMP heroes from taking more space in transports than non-hero ones. (cleavinghammer@THW)

-Fixed Sentry not being built as fast as tooltip said.

-Fixed the Unlock for Valkyrie from having the Samson's icon.
-Fixed Titanothere Presence buff's icon.

-Updated tooltip for "Drive an AMP Suit".
-Fixed description for Toruk.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.36
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