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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.48

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.48   Changelog Avatar beta 0.48 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 8:56 am

-Instinctive Persuasion renamed: Persuasion.
Improved its buff text.


-Reworked the rock bridges in the Hallelujah Mountains, and added some.
Most of them are now way larger.
-Eywa's shrine now has a second ground access to Eywa, on the left side.

-"Large Pandoran Trees" no longer exist.
-New tree type: Delta Tree.
-New rock doodads.

-Other various improvements.

-Watcher: can no longer be garrisoned, and doesn't require any unit loaded to be able to shoot.

-New active Bonus: War Speech.
Unlocked by becoming a Na'vi Warlord.

-Mirrorshell now gives truesight while in the inventory.

They can now gather Unobtanium.
They can now Kamikaze on flying units and buildings.
Kamikaze can now be automatically used via the Special Moves function.


-Titanothere Presence: stronger.

-Swarm: cooldown increased.
-Atokirina' Inspiration: weaker.

-Episoth Bulb: stronger.
-Biobalm: absorbs more damage, lower cooldown.

-Persuasion now shows a question mark over the target's head.


Custom Riding system:
-Fixed a bug where an Avatar wouldn't get a resurrection spirit, if killed while falling from his dying mount.
-Fixed mount trying to go to the middle of the map when you tell rider to pick up an item.
-Fixed mount not reacting when you tell rider to use Interact or Persuasion on something.
-Fixed mount not reacting when you tell rider to do something to a doodad.

-Avatars should now get control of Eywa's units if Eywa leaves.
It happens instantly if they already rebeled, or when they meet the Na'vi.

-Fixed Interact on Mirrorshell Crab.


widget functions in riding orders
ikran pickaxe classified permanent
bool eywaleftthegame

local force hometree interaction
spiky rock - green, & darkgreen
horizontalinvisblocker fat, &vertical,
pathing forcermur.
diagonal \ invisblocker fat, & /,
pathing champdeforce.
pathingblockers dont show dead version in palette,
trees neither.

invisblocker hallelusmall above,
pathing plumemagique.


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.48
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