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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.13

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.13   Changelog Avatar beta 0.13 Icon_minitimeTue Apr 13, 2010 8:55 am

-When a hero dies within the first 30 minutes, the player gets a text telling him where and how to resurrect it, and a randomly chosen "hero death tip" depending on his slot.
-For attack type "Custom", the text is now much more explicit.

-Made it clear that Pandoraquake damages only buildings, including allied ones, in the tooltip. Improved it overall.

-Quests for Avatars now explain that you can cycle through them with no problem.
-Reduced Quest Teller cast point and cast backswing.
-Fixed tooltip for Dryads.

-Tooltips now mention they can build (for the appropriate types).

-Renamed Request chooser and Request delivery by adding "Space drop" before.
-Employee's quarters renamed: Restrooms.

-Modified multiboard and changed its name.
-It now records the amount of Unobtanium gathered by each one of the Corp players.

-Added an error message for -cam commands higher than 8500 height.
-Added a couple words to describe the -cam category chosen, based on height.
-The "-zoom xxxx" command is now enabled as an equal to the "-cam xxxx" one.
-The "-cam normal" command is now enabled as an equal of the "-normal" and "-nor" ones.
(F9 updated for all of the above).

-Added the Victory trigger for Corps, by gathering all the Unobtaniums.

-Moved some Unobtaniums.

-Animal respawner:
No longer considered a building. Changed its collision size.
Now has Permanent Invisibility and "Plated armor - superior".
No longer is invulnerable. HP multiplied by 2. Now has HP regen and some armor.
Now has a little sight range.

-Animals now respawn within a distance around the Animal respawner, not directly on it.

-They can't build over metal anymore.
-When training Ikrans, those will not have the wandering behaviour.
-Hometree can no longer make Spirits of Eywa.
-Removed minimal attack range for Watcher.

-Spirit of Eywa:
Avatars get only 1 instead of 4. Wood harvesting is now 4 times faster. Tooltip improved.
Now costs no food. No longer has Self-Destruct, Evasion of the small, and Ultravision.
Movement speed maxed. Now immune to being slowed down anyhow.
Sight ranges modified.

-"Unobtanium Detector" ability given to the I.S.V.
HQ now has a new ability instead of it: Lifeforms Detector.
Improved tooltip for both.

-Lowered the time required for resurrecting (heroes), and its maximum.

-Increased attack range for Titanothere and Thanator.

-Battle Rage movement bonus increased.

-Increased Hometree HP and HP regen.
-Reduced build time for Leaf Hammocks and Bird Totem.

-Increased Eywa HP.
-Pandoraquake cooldown and manacost increased.

Food production reduced (50 -> 20), tooltip updated.
Dollars cost reduced.
-Sentry: attack speed and build time doubled. Tooltip updated.
-Worker: reduced attack range to 20, increased attack speed to very fast.
-Restroom: built faster.
-Metal foundry: now refunds more per building. Tooltip improved.
-Max AMP Suits stored at once per Vehicle Factory is now 7 (old 6). Tooltips updated.
Removed casting time on "Request chooser".
Now has mana and mana regen.
Movement speed increased to 400. INFOBOX updated about this, so that player stop assuming it cannot move.

-Coded special effects for Hometree destructions. (Also increased its dying time to 2.6).
-Slightly modified speeds in introduction.

-Changed Airbase icon. F9 updated.
-Added a dollar effect to Hell truck when it has Unobtanium loaded.

-Fixed Pandoraquake's visual effect AoE.

-Spirit of Eywa is bigger, flies higher, and now has a tiny shadow.

-The game now displays a basic clock in multiboard title.

-ISV now has a collision size.
-Neutral Passive player now shares his sight with Observer aswell.

-Fixed the "workers" space drop Request from not correctly checking food limit.
-Fixed hotkey for Request chooser.
-Fixed Security Leader taking more space in transport than it should.
-Removed Tower Garrison from Sentry, fixing a bizarre bug.

changed check type for global warming effect
modified trig truck deliver unobtanium effect
timer gameclock
trig setups part 2
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.13
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