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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.49

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.49   Changelog Avatar beta 0.49 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 01, 2010 3:43 am

-Changed positions of some icons.

-Questboard renamed: Missionboard.
-Even more text shortening and improving.
-Na'vi buildings now precisely list all the units they can train and their roles, like it was done previously for Corps.

-"InterStellar Vehicle (I.S.V.)" renamed: "Spaceship (I.S.V)."

-Quest Teller quests other than Human are now hidden until you succeed the Knowledge mission.

-Some terrain improvements.

-New weather spell: "Evolution: Acid Rain".
It permanently upgrades Eywa's Rain.

There is now a "Basics" quest where you have to interact with Eywa, with a cinematic.
The Topic Quests in the Quest Teller are now hidden until you do the Knowledges one.

When your mount kills something, you get points of Knowledge as if it was your hero that killed the thing.
When you ride an animal, it gets the "Hero" passive until you get off of it.
-Hometrees no longer resurrect avatars.

-Removed the "Find Metal" quest, you go straight to "Build a Metal Extractor" after "Drop a Squad".

-Delta Trees: less HP.

-Swarm: lowered Locusts armor.
-Lightning Strike: reduced molecular damage.

-Airdrones: cost more.

-There is now a specific sound when eywa casts an Evolution spell.
-Changed soundset for: Metal Extractor, Metal Fences, Space Pad, Headquarters, Big Bertha, Tech Center, Armor Bay, Dispersor, Sentry.
-Changed armor sound for Locusts.

-Metallic grounds in Hell's Gate are now surrounded by contrasting ground, making them much more noticeable.

-Reduced music quality, making map size lower.

-Tooltip for training an Ikran now features the Na'vi term too.

-"Global Control" renamed: "Evolution: Global Control".

-Fixed Avatar ignoring item-type restrictions while riding.

-Updated tooltip for Watcher, Shaman.

-The displayed requirement for persuading big animals should now be accurate.

(Thanks: Faces)


vJASSed animal knowledge
avatar-riding now warriorclass
rawcode_avatar_mounting renamed _riding

dummytherain no hit invul
the rain no target trees, invul/noninvul,
fixed day/night bug?



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PostSubject: Re: Changelog Avatar beta 0.49   Changelog Avatar beta 0.49 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 9:56 am

haha hi i back and why you dont edit your sign 39 to 49 haha
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.49
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