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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.27 (a b)

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.27 (a b) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.27 (a b)   Changelog Avatar beta 0.27 (a b) Icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 1:24 pm

-Removed cooldown on Quest reminder abilities in the Avatar Quest Teller.
-Finished organizing Eywa's ability buttons into spellbooks with intuitive hotkeys.

-Changed icon positions for Secret Passages and Battle Rage.
-Fixed icon positions of vehicles in Vehicle Factory and Airbase.

-Improved tooltip for Unobtanium Upgrade Menu.
-Improved tooltip for Discover. It now clearly states that it improves the Interact ability.
-Updated tooltip for Vehicle Factory (AMP suits).
-Improved some texts in alot of places.

-Added names in both English and Na'vi language for many units (the least known is greyed out).
Improved some names on the way.

-Metal Foundries now have a text over them stating that they store the AMP suits.

-It is no longer possible to build over Unobtanium Deposits.
-Removed some Pandoran trees, added some Conic trees.

-Understanding of Flora (gained by using Discover on plants) now improves the items, charges and XP you get (from using Interact on trees).

-Palm tree bark:
Renamed: Tree Bark.
Chance to craft it from the appropriate trees is now 100%.
It now has 3 levels, gaining extra properties at higher levels.
Zigzag trees now produce them aswell (no longer only Palm trees), and these trees no longer heal.

-Conic tree trunk renamed: Conic Trunk. Modified the same way as Tree Bark (see above).


-The system allowing a Na'vi clan to improve an Avatar's army is now called the Clan Upgrade system.
It is achieved whenever an Avatar becomes leader of a Na'vi Clan, if that particular clan has anything special to teach.
-One of the Na'vi Clans is now the Thanator Clan.
It is able to teach Taunting to your Warriors (melee mode).
-Changed Clan Upgrade for Sky Clan.

-Blood shamans: Blood curse is now much stronger and lasts shorter.
Increased acquisition range.

-Reworked organization of spellbooks and abilities.

-Each Corp player now gets 1 Unobtanium Credit when any Corp player consumes an Unobtanium Deposit.
Increased cost for Electric Fences.
-Separated Unobtanium Upgrades in specific categories.

-New Unobtanium Upgrade: Repair bots.
-New Unobtanium Upgrade: Dynamic Armors.
-Big Bertha cannon must be unlocked via Unobtanium Upgrades.

-Rocket launchers now have a minimal attack range. Max range increased by that much.

-New building: Tech Center. Will have researches in next version.


-Metal Fence: longer build time.

-New model for Unobtanium, making it alot easier to notice especially for newcomers. (model by Ergius)
-Improved SFX on Hell Truck when it carries Unobtanium. (model by RightField)

-Changed model for Mushroom tree, fixing a bug where it would leave no dead tree stump sometimes.
-Conic trees now stand straighter.

-New model for Rocket Launcher (weapon). (model by Champara Bros)
Changed icon aswell.

-While riding, the Avatar can no longer looks like he's walking on the mount's back.

-Max Charisma lowered back to 25.
-Improved pathing map for vehicle factory, there is now a way through at the end of the road for small units.
-Animal respawners are now owned by Eywa instead of Animals.

-Fixed Misty bulb effect being shorter than stated in tooltip.
-Fixed Rocket Launcher tooltip.
-Fixed both bugs with Rocke launchers and AMP Suits (wolf and right-click not working).
-Fixed Ikrans sometimes not being able to attack ground units or buildings.
-Removed the oddly placed fish doodad (thanks to cleavinghammer @THW).
-Fixed a change in previous version that would sometimes cause the unlocking of Na'vi units by an Avatar player to not work.
-Fixed Avatars being incited to attack animal respawners when they get sight of Animals.

Changes by Banefull

-Added a concise briefing text before introduction, based on what team you are in.
-Improved various other texts.

-Multiboard-displayed amounts of Charisma, Unobtaniums and other ones that bugged before should now be accurate for every player.
-Introduction should no longer be able to sort of begin while a player is lagging at start.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.27 (a b)
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