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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.25

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.25   Changelog Avatar beta 0.25 Icon_minitimeTue May 18, 2010 4:15 am

-Much improved tooltip for Discover. It now mentions the Understanding gain, and tells about the -stats command.
-Improved tooltips for Avatar quests.

-Added "(Banshee)" in Ikran unit name and "(Great Leonopteryx)" in Toruk unit name.
-HQ now has an Infobox.

-Removed some trees.


-They can now ride Toruks with a custom system.
This is in addition of the Toruks' normal transporting capability, it doesn't replace it.

-Modified the way Interact on Hometrees works. Improved text.
It now requires some Understanding of Navi, and provide some no matter the result.

-Now start with a Slash Cutter replacing one of the Corp Workers.
-Deforestation can now be casted and toggled ON simply by right-clicking trees.


-Increased transport size for Thanator and Titanothere.
-Removed 1 Toruk.
-Toruk transport capacity increased.

-They start with more materials.
-Reduced transport size, range and model size for Slash Cutters.

-Fixed the angle between trees and the ground (no longer smaller than intented).

-Improved some selection circle sizes.
-Changed icon for Warrior - Melee. It is no longer the same as Warrior - Spearthrower's one. (thanks: cleavinghammer @hiveworkshop)
-Changed icon for Discover.
-Corp Workers: Changed icons for some tree-management-related abilities.

-Changed Medic soundset.

-Toruk: made it more orange and modified model proportions, more like in the movie (by Burning_Iegion).
-New model for Samson (by Kofi Banan).

-Slash Cutters and AMP suits no longer decay.

-Using Discover on a tree no longer talks about Animals too.

separate hashtable setup
new hashtables
removed many obso or disabled triggers
inter jass lines stacked bottom

now using vJASS
vjass init

replaced some path blockers by larger ones (optmization).

questsdone humans navi flora
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.25
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