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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.24

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.24   Changelog Avatar beta 0.24 Icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 3:50 am

-Message when toggling camera rotation with arrow keys now reminds the key (Esc), and stays much longer on screen.

-Lowered density of the forest in many areas.
-Bird Patrol no longer requires Bird Totem.

-Using Discover on things now gives Understanding points in the corresponding domain.
It now displays new texts except for animals.

-New unit: Toruk (Great Leonopteryx) (model by Denu).
-Changed armor class for Ikran and Thanator to medium.
-Ikrans can no longer attack trees.

-Now has a "Fauna abilities menu".
Bird Patrol is now in that menu.

-New ability for Corporation Workers and Slash Cutters: Deforestation. (Icon by Elainiel)
-Workers no longer have Gathering.
-Slash cutters no longer have Wood Cutting.

-As a result of the above, Corps no longer have any need for trees.
-There are now metallic grounds all around the map.

-Hell truck: will now always choose the closest Space Pad for Unobtanium delivery.
It can now deliver onto any friendly Space Pad. The owner of the Hell Truck still remains the only one getting dollars from it.
-Tanks now have Stunning Damage.

-Lowered effect of Dense Armor.

-Fixed sight range of Ikran Makto.

-Ikran: Lowered attack speed against air.
Lowered HP, and changed HP formula for mounted units.
Hence, lowered Ikran Makto HP too.

-Pandoraquake: Damage and slow reduced, duration increased.

-Hell Truck: Lowered delay between picking up the Unobtanium Mineral and automatically moving to deliver it.
-Increased output of Metal extractors.
-Slash Cutters: Increased attack speed and damage, lowered HP.
Now has HP regen.
-Big Bertha: Lowered minimal range.
-Corporation Worker: Lowered attack speed, increased damage.

-Changed model for Mushroom trees.
-New skin for Ikran and Ikran Makto (by 67chrome).
-Field medic now has a soundset.

-Hell truck: now has the exact icon (by General_Frank).

-Added a visual near the Tree of Souls.
-Trees no longer all stand perfectly straight.

-Lowered projectile speed for Archer and Ikran Makto.

-There is now Clan DJE @Northrend(Europe) to play this map (and all my other maps), you can find hosts there!
Added this to loading screen and gamelist-description.

-Automate no longer moves the tower around.
Cost management now actually works and returns an error message.

-Found the cause for the bug making night look like day temporarily and making all trees look visible all over the map. (Thanks to cleavinghammer @hiveworkshop.com).

-Made Thunderstorm hotkey consistent with tooltip.

-Mushroom trees will now always leave a visible stump, no longer confusing Corp players.

-Changed hotkey for Gathering, it was the same as Repair (no big deal, you'd usually just right-click for both).
-Fixed the typo in Hell Truck tooltip (Burning_Iegion).

-Changed the redundant reward for Flora quest #1.

trigger-enhanced weapons category moved to coproration abils units combat
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.24
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