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 Changelog 0.76 (The Well's overhaul)

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Changelog 0.76 (The Well's overhaul) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.76 (The Well's overhaul)   Changelog 0.76 (The Well's overhaul) Icon_minitimeSun Dec 27, 2009 11:32 am

-Hotkeys for Holy leash, Recall, (Avatar of the Well); Shield of nobility, Summon the Spirit (The Well); Telekinetus' attraction (short range telekinetus); Summon a Romozaur (Kil'Jaeden).
-Fixed hotkey for Materialize a Spectre (Colossi).

-Introduction shortened (many unnecessary seconds of pause removed) and improved.
Also it now gives the role of whoever is speaking.
Added to first intro: cam when the Well and the Avatr talk, moving cam when footman gets out.

-All chaos buildings now have hotkeys and improved tooltips.

-Improved tooltip for abilities that do nothing at level 1 (evolved colossi), and applied it to Phage.

*The Well
-The Well now has, as planned since very long, an avatar. (model credits: donut3.5)
It's a hero looking like a faerie with two modes and many spells.
-These spells were transferred to the Avatar: Holy Leash, Holy Light.
-Holy light now deals aoe damage around the target. Updated tooltip.
-"Rescue Defender" no longer exists. Updated spells in units.

-New advanced units: Syphon mages.

-Foundations reorganized:
-Building foundations of size 2 (3x3 squares) and 4 (5x5 squares) have been removed. Updated all icons, tooltips, paths, selection circles, foodcosts, buildmenus, requirements.
The buildings they were evolving into were resized, rebalanced and attributed to other sizes of foundations.

-Wall block no longer requires advanced walling.
-Advanced walling now increases hp and armor of all types of walls and gates.
-Squad of gunners no longer requires Arrival of the reinforcements. Moved to normal Portal.

-Mage tower, "Mage tower - seeker", and Magus citadel now have basic structure attributes, allowing them to self-destruct.

-Control is no longer reduced when the hero is dead.
-Max control reduced (140 -> 100).

-They now start with both a Shade and a Cultist (builder). The Shade is no longer killed when the Colossus arrives.
-Black ward is now summonable (compared to the Rival Dynasties version, it doesn't have Black Death aura, has no requirements).
-The "Structures menu" in the leveler was replaced by "Call a Cultist".
-All chaos buildings now have "basic structure attributes" (contains self-destruct) and "basic missile avoidance".

-Telekinesis (Crystal Colossus) can no longer hit flying units, and can now hit dead ones.

-Zombie footman no longer has Salvation of the soldier.

*Human people (villagers)
-Villages now have a basic wooden fence. Acts both for defense and cosmetics.

-Defense multiplier per point of armor reduced (0.03-> 0.02).
-Basic missile avoidance has only 1 level now (28%). Erased obsolete fields, updated tooltips.

-Walls building time reduced (2 seconds -> 1), for wall block too (4 seconds ->2 ).
-Walls hp reduced (3300->1500).
-Gate hp is now 4500.
-Wall block armor increased, hp reduced (6600->6000).
-Flaming arrows damage reduced (25->15).

-Holy Leash duration reduced to 7 (heroes: 3) seconds (old 10 (heroes: 4) seconds). Now has a range: 2000. Cooldown reduced from 45 to 22 seconds.
-Holy light rane reduced (1400->1200).

-Spire (chaos building) attacks faster (2.50 secs cd -> 1.40), hp increased (1400->1900), foodcost increased ( 4->8 ), max damage reduced by 50, missile speed increased (900->1800).
-Chaotic cannon hp increased (2300->4000).
-Reduced control/food cost of Chaotic cannon (32->30) and its resource cost (6000->4500).
-Cultist no longer costs food/control, and moves faster (100ms -> 175 ms).

-Base hp for evolved Colossi is now 3000 hp higher (15000) than the unevolved one's.

-Changed icon for Recall.
-Changed icons for walls and gates.
-New models for walls (credits Mephestrial) and wall block (credits Misha).

-Gave Crystal colossus menu the same icon as other crystal colossus things (the one with borders).

-Shortened Hero death scenes.

-Removed some more allcapped words.

-Army manager tooltip updated.

-Many new names and fun-names for Flesh, Crystal, Stygian and Arctic Colossi.
-Carnophage renamed: Phage. Updated all tooltips.
-Dark mage renamed: Cultist
His spellbook renamed aswell: Cultist skills. Now with hotkey. No longer includes Hide.

-Basic anti-arrow defense no longer has requisites.
-Shade and Cultist are now classified chaos units.

-Gathering the magic should no longer be sometimes able to go on, on a colossus that stopped channeling it anyhow.
-Fixed a potential bug with Phage (Flesh colossus) failing to detect nearby corpses in certain circumstances.

-Removed a random bug that would cause the footman from the portal (introduction) to attack unexisting things, some rare times.

-Gates should no longer move or get a full heal when opened/closed.

-The bug where herodeath scene victims could sometimes not actually die for any reason, should be fixed.

erased the well obso non-hero unit, naturalist
avatar of the well added to undefileables
erased useless disabled trigs in defile

removed invasionzone regions & erased their setup in setups beginning
renamed invasiontime -> nextscenarioevent, invasionwindow ->nextscenarioevent_window
erased vars invasionumber invasionpoint
erased trig invasion

intro: unit names now have " : " at the end to mark the difference with the texts
introcolossus now more visible with cam around him

removed requisites for all chaos units
erased undead cavalry tech
trig fireball flames renamed fireball flames on death
trig debugging spectre chainlightning order renamed spectrechainlightningorbofslow

unbug build evolves now ignores gates
debugging category moved from rd triggers
erased trig portals chainproduction

erased DK2 carvedwall
new dummy foodcreator before colossi arrival

foodprod transfered masterbuilder to armymanager
erased skeleton peasant, its BTN&DISBTN, its model, its portrait
erased unholy land desolation, structures menu
erased shade form, in the shadows, hide

triggers regarding player 5 moved from rd trigs
undead classification for shade & cultist
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Changelog 0.76 (The Well's overhaul)
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