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 Changelog 0.71 (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 1)

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Changelog 0.71 (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 1) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.71 (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 1)   Changelog 0.71 (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 1) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 19, 2009 7:06 am

-Builders are now Villagers (they don't build anymore for quite a number of versions already).

-Modified icon locations in Army manager.

-Evolutions page renamed: Evolutions menu. Better icon. Now disabled until the player reaches 600 chaos potential (saves reading time at start).
-Crystal magic renamed: Crystal shards.
-Chaotic potential renamed: Chaos potential. Updated interface.

-The Defender's "Army manager" is now visible, it's now the statue near the Well. Still invulnerable and not interacting with any unit but it's Defender hero.
-Army managers can now resurrect their player's Defender hero. That solves the problem of revival when a player's portals are all destroyed.
-Portals can no longer revive heroes.

-Colossi no longer need to reach 100 food ("control") usage to evolve. Now they need to reach 600 chaos potential (income). Updated tooltip and text.

-Players 3 and 4 have switched positions (3 is now south and 4 east)

-Colossi food cap when unevolved reduced to 60 (old 120).
*Amounts of units required to evolve halved too. Updated tooltips and text.
-Crystal shards (Crystal colossus passive) are now shot 2 times slower, and aoe was reduced to 800. Damage slightly lowered.
-Shock and Greater shock's cooldown now slightly reduces with level. Tooltips improved.
-Biter foodcost increased to 3 (old 2) and speed increased to 320 (old 280).

-Kil'Jaeden's food cap reduced to 80 (old 100).
-Romozaur hp reduced to 2000 (old 3000), base damage reduced by 20, damage per dice by 5.
-Kil'Jaeden's summoning distance limitation increased: cannot summon within 900 range of a human unit. Updated text.

-Defender transport (granturismo) speed increased to 480 (old 380).

-Mana regen from intelligence reduced by half (0.5/sec -> 0.25). Updated interface.

-Changed icon for Army manager.

unleaked init magus, houses
LocTheWell in init, trig turns so armymanagers face it
leader_P renamed DefenderHero_P
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Changelog 0.71 (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 1)
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