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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.33 (Global overhaul)

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.33 (Global overhaul) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.33 (Global overhaul)   Changelog Avatar beta 0.33 (Global overhaul) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 30, 2010 1:02 pm

-Updated hero-death popup tips.

-Custom camera rotation with keyboard arrow keys system (-camr) now includes a reset to facing North: hit Down arrow key. F9 updated.

-Whenever an Avatar increases his Understanding in any domain, if that unlocks anything new (including for example, higher level items, unlike before), the player is instantly notified of all his new unlocks.
-"Alliance" with Animals (an Animal quest for Avatars) renamed "Neutrality".
-Improved tooltip for Secret Passages, and gave it a tip.

-Icons in Eywa's Weather's spellbook will no longer be in a random order.
-Colored in red the fact that Root Embrace doesn't work on enemies too far from trees.
-Gave Green Martyr a tip.

-All Unob-Upgrade unlocking functions now have the "Unlock" prefix.
-Improved multiboard tip for first mission.

-There are now less Na'vi villages/Hometrees, and less Unobtaniums.
-Na'vi villages are now much more important and larger.
-Unobtaniums now give more gold. Rebalanced costs for Unob-Upgrades. Tooltips updated.

-Na'vi villages are now larger and have many more units.

-Lightning Strike must be casted inside The Rain's area of effect. Tooltip updated.

-Reduced acquisition range, for easier manoeuvers near Corp bases.

-Items from Interact on trees now have 1 extra level.
-Conic Trunk reworked. Among other changes, it now gets a new abilty: "Impale" since LVL3. Bonus damage from the item increases slower with level.

-Interact on Corp Metal Fences (Rip), and on big buidings (Sabotage) now requires some Understanding of Humans.

-New research: Superior I.S.V. Design.

-New Unob-Upgrade: Wormhole Generator.
Replaces: Enhanced Space Drops.

-SMG custom attacks can no longer ministun Thanators. 30mm Autocannons still do.


-Titanothere: reduced acquisition range.

-Much more HP, less armor.

-Root Embrace: manacost decreased.

-Lightning Strike: slightly buffed.

-Pandoran Tribunal: Manacost decreased at all levels.
Effect increased.

-Hometree: HP much increased.

-Increased Understanding of Humans required to get higher level items from Interact on soldiers (Disarm).
-Increased mana from Interact on Mushroom trees.

-Max foodcap reduced.

-Rebalanced many Unobtanium Upgrade effects, to make up for the decrease in amount of Unobtaniums.
-Flying vehicles are now made faster.

-Interact on Mushroom trees (mana regeneration) now shows an effect on the avatar.

-More efficient coding for some triggers (map performance slightly better).

-Triggered attack system users no longer display a "Miss" text when the attack misses.

-Fixed the Titanothere's aura from affecting enemies aswell.
-Fixed Discover Bonus Agility from working for Avatars who didn't unlock it.
-Fixed a bug with AMP suits that would let you get more than you should. (thanks to hostail@THW)
-Fixed Scorpion micromissile shots from costing more mana than advertised.
-Fixed the level bug when an Avatar rides a Toruk.
-Using Interact on non-enemy foot soldiers should no longer damage them while Disarming.

-Fixed a colorcode typo in Thunderstorm's tooltip.
-Fixed text when crafting Spears from trees, from not mentioning the XP gain.

array size 12 for achievement bools.

vJASS'ed check for Understandings.
now using scopes.

_Hometree suffix for navi clan hometree vars.
disabled trig multiboard update in gameplay-related.

removed all preplaced na'vi units except hometrees.

unleaked force in customcamrotation.
custproj units explode on death.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.33 (Global overhaul)
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