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 Changelog 0.81 (Atmosphere upgraded)

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Changelog 0.81 (Atmosphere upgraded) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.81 (Atmosphere upgraded)   Changelog 0.81 (Atmosphere upgraded) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2010 12:06 am

-There is now a countdown before timer-based scenario events happen (like arrival of the colossi/reinforcements), to warn everyone about it.

-Chaos generators now start making chaos atoms automatically as soon as they're built.

*All villages:
-Houses and stacked residences now release panicked villagers when attacked by the forces of chaos.
-Reduced amount of villagers and woman defaultly out of buildings to 2 of each per village (reduces lag and loading time).
-All villages now have 6 houses at start (before, some had less).

Portal and Advanced portal buildtime reduced (10 seconds -> 5).

-Flame (Infernal) range increase per level improved (+100/level -> +200). Updated tooltip.
-Defile cooldown increased (9 seconds -> 15 seconds).
-Chaos attack cooldown is now constant ( 7 seconds, -0.75/level -> 6 seconds).

-Villagers now scream their despair while they're running away from their assaulted houses.

-During Death scenes, Defenders and Colossi now say specific statements hearable mapwide before performing the finishing move.

-Colossi now shout a mighty roar hearable mapwide upon evolving.

-Added other scenario-related speeches.

-Fixed a little glitch giving people sight of a small area they had not explored at start.

-Fixed tooltip in the maggot unit and learnt heroskill tooltip, about the digestion dps.


erased jumpdowntheaprotodon dominateanaprotodon
string scenariochapter

reorganized inittrigs 1timervar&windowvar turnonturnoffs
erased setupsbeginning1oldblockver
erased timer reinforcementshumans reinforcementsheaven
and their timerwindows

arraysounds villagerspeeches deathscenespeeches
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Changelog 0.81 (Atmosphere upgraded)
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