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 Changelog 0.71b (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 2)

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Changelog 0.71b (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 2) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.71b (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 2)   Changelog 0.71b (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 2) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 19, 2009 7:39 pm

-Improved text for Defile limitations.

-Fixed and improved tooltip for "materialize biter".
-Fixed tooltip of the "zombie" passive. Synchronized buff icon.
-Hotkeys added for Creatures, Structures and Upgrades menus in colossus Levelers and KJ.
-Hotkeys of Shade abilities fixed.
-Hotkey for "All-seeing eye" (scouting spell).

-Improved tooltip for Replicant (Defender), Levelup Glaciar aura (arctic Leveler).
-Improved tooltip for the Statue of Liberty and the Arches of Triumph.

-Chaos players now have sight of every Luxpillar.

-Fixed some grammar.

-Removed a theoretical bug with how army managers level up. Defender heroes will probably level up faster now too.

-Magus tower now shoots in a cosmetically better way (*Garanas).

-Portals no longer chain produce (humans).

-Defile casting time reduced to 0.5 seconds (old 2).
-Evolving now gives 40 extra food to colossi (old 60).
-Diabolic Edict now has a 25% chance to do nothing to the chosen unit instead of guaranteed kill every time. Active duration is now level +1 seconds.

-Nerfed "terror" (scratcher's passive).
-Shade speed increased to 500 (old 400).
-Cerberus speed increased to 380 (350).
-Spectre hp reduced by 300.

-Building time dramatically reduced for Defenders. Updated tooltips and improved almost all of them.
That gives them more free time to engage chaos armies with their own, and use strategies to annoy the Colossi.
-Defender income reduced by half.
-Replicant can now target invulnerable units.

-Mage tower - seeker (upgrade) no longer costs extra food.
-Archer range increased to 1400 (old 875)
-Portal linking manacost reduced to 500 (old 750).

-Reduced sight range of Luxpillars. Doesn't matter for defenders, but it does for Chaos players.
-Extended sight range of Chaos players over the Well.
-The Well's regen aura is now stronger: 10% hp / 25% mana per second. (old 3% / 3%).
-Modified "Antichaos energy" (Spirit passive): now 1% of max mana instead of 40 mana loss, per second. Fixed tooltip.
-Nerfed "Antichaos stasis" aoe and slow. Fixed tooltip.

-Holocaust duration reduced to 20 seconds. Tooltip fixed.

unleaked colossi arrival bonus fl
polished init trigg
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Changelog 0.71b (further cleanup, defender overhaul part 2)
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