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 JOTO Changelog 0.82 (the resurrection, part 1)

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JOTO Changelog 0.82 (the resurrection, part 1) Empty
PostSubject: JOTO Changelog 0.82 (the resurrection, part 1)   JOTO Changelog 0.82 (the resurrection, part 1) Icon_minitimeFri May 08, 2009 6:05 am

-All players now get the same random income. The amount is decided first, then, that same amount is given to players.
-Heroes now respawn with full mana.

-Slightly improved loadscreen text.

-Recipes now have the same icon as the item they point at.
-the 3 rings giving armor now have 3 different icons, sobi masks have different icons now too.

-Removed the free xp and uttermass gold items in the center (they were there for test purposes)
-Free hero revive based on the timers in the multiboard now actually works.

-Random contract (bounty hunter) now works (at all). Now it gives the bounty as long as the killing unit belongs to the player with the BH.
-Getting the last hit (BH) should now work properly with Random contract. Can no longer target allies. Can now target buildings.
-Life of a hunter can no longer kill creeps that belong to other non-cpu players. Now it can target air.

-Removed what seemed to be a half million doodads...
-improved placement of many others...

-A shitton of code improvements...

-Renamed G1&2 into techslots & magicslots
-removed the colorswaps lines in init
-replaced most of the instances of herop[intA] and player[..]by direct number calls
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JOTO Changelog 0.82 (the resurrection, part 1)
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