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 Changelog 0.63

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Changelog 0.63 Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.63   Changelog 0.63 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 8:25 pm

-Colossi no longer have sight of player yellow (aka the Well).
-Humans now have fog of war over the map, instead of the totally black mask.

-Kil'Jaeden and the Well now cause minimap pings with special unique sounds when they cast spells Smile
-Rain of Chaos now causes more visual effect on the ground when the meteor crashes.
-Important watery areas should now sound like what they are.

-in endgame credits, a few typos here and there
-The recent bug preventing Kil'Jaeden from getting his income was fixed
-the Time rip spell was removed, because of bad performance.
-the Glorious flag (defender build) should now properly have his aura.

-Nerfed Telekinesis, units falling now deal damage over a much smaller area. basically, you would need to pass right below them at the moment they fall.
Its manacost was slightly reduced beyond level 1. Damage and cooldown were nerfed too.
-Chaos missile (kil'jaeden) costs abit more, & damages abit more and abit larger.
-Domes deals 4 times less damage now.
-Kil'Jaeden control reduced to 100
-Colossus base damage increased by 20, and strength now gives 12.5 damage/point instead of 10.
-Defender hero base damage doubled.
-Granturismo speed was increased to 380.

-SlickTheSnake moved from "long gone" to "azeroth" in the credits.
-Removed many obsolete triggers, hoping for some bizarre nonsense bugs to disappear.

-A newly appeared fatal error prevents me from improving the map for now.
0.63 is thus delayed. UPDATE: It seems like this fatal error has nothing to do with 0.63 and was reproted to exist in single player on 0.62.
More testing is required, if you could do some on your side and report the results to me i would be very grateful.

It happens precisely after you've casted chaos missile (playing Kil Jaeden) in the area of the Well. At the moment the meteor crashes, so does the game.
Sometimes it takes more than 1 try, but it always eventually happen Sad(.
UPDATE: Then again, this error seems to happen only in singleplayer, for some reason. Well, that means its fine Very Happy
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Changelog 0.63
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