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 Changelog 0.59

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PostSubject: Changelog 0.59   Changelog 0.59 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 15, 2009 1:08 pm

-All 5 human building bases now display into what they evolve, in their tooltip Smile

-Nerfed blade dancers on damage and armor.
-Increased the production time of all human units by 50% of their previous value.
-Human army managers now start getting tech points only 1 min before colossi arrival.
-Increased holy leash cooldown by 5 seconds. Reduced healing wave cd by 10 seconds.
-Heavenly tears damage reduced to 150, duration jumped to 25 seconds, cooldown increased to 150.
-Fervor aura (human heroes) no longer mapwide, but now it has 10 levels instead of 5.

-Human player hometowns are now freely defended by a couple orange towers.

-Sudden death (colossi) now scales worse, but first level had -1 second cooldown.
-Chaos units must now be summoned at least 600 range away from any enemy unit.
-Fireballs used to regen 20 hp per second, now they lose 20 hp per second.
-Fireballs still explode into smaller flames on death, but with only 4 small flames.
-Colossi now start the game with 400 resources, and 50 extra income.

-Intelligence now gives 2 times less mana per point, and Colossi gain 2 times less Int per level.

*The flame damages throughout the game have all been standardized into 3 classes: small, medium and large. (affects only fireballs and the Infernal, for now)

-Human heroes now properly get xp from bringing units and evolving their buildings.
-Army manager infobox improved.

-recoded the fireball death trigger, for less lag and neater effect.
-recoded "Flame" (Infernal), its now much more balanced, no longer hits allies, and no longer denies the kills. Less laggy.
-Improved the coding of burning spear (Infernal) for less lag. it also has decent cost and cooldown now.

-Intro shortened and slightly improved.
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Changelog 0.59
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