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 Changelog 0.56

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PostSubject: Changelog 0.56   Changelog 0.56 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2009 10:26 am

-General mana regen per intelligence point has been fixed. It said 0.5 but it was actually giving 0.01 mana per second.
This will imbalance the colossi spell manacosts, and its gonna be fixed aswell.
-Human heroes now have a base of 1 mana/sec regen instead of 0.01.
-nerfed damage on greater shock drastically, and slow duration on both shock and greater shock. They now both have a 12 seconds cd instead of 10. Tooltip improved.
-blink range was extended (human hero)
-further nerf of all legion units, concerning almost everything.
-deadraisers now have 600 less hp than before
-rock missile damage lowered, and cooldown changed from 5->3 seconds to 14->10.
-Starting income for colossi increased to 200
-execution (magus towers) cooldown upped from 75 to 120 seconds.
-building time for almost all human strctures was greatly reduced.
-Marketplace hp reduced from 8000 to 4500
-Magus tower range increased from 2000 to 2250.
-Healing and manaregening auras on the Well now have 700 aoe vs 500 before.

-Basic humanoid attributes now replaces basic human attributes, as it looked weird on green giants and such. If you want me to make it basic creature/non-demon attributes so that it looks nice even on aprotodons let me know.
-Fixed a few unperfect tiles on the island of the Well, concerning the white paths between the 2nd and 1st stages (yeah noone cares i know)
-Magus towers now turn their back to the Well, and no longer to the west.

-The Well now has surprises for incoming enemies Smile
-Builders (non-hero ones) are no longer available. If this proves more comfortable, they might be forgotten forever.
**There is also the possibility to make the army manager an actual unit, and to leave the building job to him. Tell me what you guys think.
-New spell for human heroes: replicant
-secret ways have been added to move around (meant for the humans but atm everyone can use them).
-Chaos units can no longer be summoned at the 3rd stage of the Well's city, called the Holy Square on the go. This was much requested.

-The underground ways water uses to travel from the Well to the outer terrain, now have properly noticeable exits.

-Players no longer have sight of a small area south west at start.
-Stygian colossi now have 10k hp like all colossi, instead of 8k.
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Changelog 0.56
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