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 CC 0.88+ 0.88b changelog (major changes)

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CC 0.88+ 0.88b  changelog (major changes) Empty
PostSubject: CC 0.88+ 0.88b changelog (major changes)   CC 0.88+ 0.88b  changelog (major changes) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 13, 2011 9:44 am

=== Player-friendliness

-Team 3 renamed: "Inhabitants".
-Team 5 renamed: "Demon Lord Kil'Jaeden".
-Stacked residence renamed: Residence.
-Red Giant renamed: Fel Warrior.
-Naturalists renamed: Gaians.
-The Defender's flying transport was renamed: "Enchanted Barge".

-Changed some hotkeys.

-Improved tooltip for Jump and Crush.
-Fixed learning tooltip for Charm in Crystal Leveler.
-Fixed some other tooltips.

-Self-destruct now has a hotkey.

-The Well's special XP gain pop-up texts should now be visible only by The Well.

=== Gameplay

-It should now be possible to share control with an ally.


--Completely redone the techtree:
-Removed the Squads system:
*Portals no longer make units.
*Portals are now only used for transportation.
Cost much reduced.
-Added buildings capable of training units normally:
"Barracks"; "Gaian Hall"; "Arcane Research Center"; "Animal Camp"; "Factory".
-Added buildings doing the unlocks, and others doing the upgrades.
-They can now make civilians to build defenses.
-Changed where Enchanted Barge is made.

--Defender heroes:
-No longer get XP from building, upgrading buildings, and training units.
-All Defender Heroes can now build and repair.
-"Master Builder":
*Renamed "Hammerer".
*HP increased.
*Infobox inside the Special Menu updated.
-"Transcendant Magus" and "Bow Mistress":
Removed 2 hero abilities.
-They can now all use items, that they buy at the new building "Item Vault".
-Inventory slots increased to 6.

-Enchanted Barge can no longer build or repair.

--Army Manager:
-Removed the tech points system.
-No longer unlocks anything.
-Defender income is now displayed on the Army Manager instead of the hero.
*It no longer depends on hero level.
*It is now upgradeable.
*It is no longer visible by Chaos players.
-Now has upgrades for Defender Heroes.

-Other new buildings:
"Vertical Gate".
-New units:
Cannon, Skyblade Squad, Blue Falcon, Aprotodon Rider, and some others.

-These buildings now have Self-Destruct, and it's not in a sub-menu:
Magical Seal; Portal; Silver Spine; both Sniper Mages; Spire of Oblivion;
both Archer Towers; both Blade launchers; Guard Tower; all foundations; Glorious Flag;
Telekinetus; both Sentry Towers; Magus Citadel; Magical Well; both Mage towers; both Wonders.

-Removed "Unbuild".
-Army manager: New ability "Mass Self-Destruction".

-Guard Tower: armor reduced.


-Its Avatar now has an attack in protector mode only.
-No longer has truesight.
-New unlock on the Avatar at level 3: "Grand Cross".
-Replaced an ability of the Guardian Angel by Bash.


--New Evolved Summons:
-"Arctic Gladiator"
-"Infernal Knight"
-"Stygian Flying Dutchman".

-Biter foodcost reduced.

-Colossus Rematerializer:

-Colossus speed upgrade: max level reduced to 3.

-In the Name of Chaos: heal reduced: 60% -> 50%.
-Jump and Crush: much shorter range & bigger cooldown.
-Crystal Colossus no longer has Fake Colossi.
-Infernal Colossus: Circle of Fire creates less flames, closer to the caster.
-Flesh Colossus: Bloodthirst effect much weaker.
-Defile:increased cooldown.

-Biters can no longer merge into Cerberus.


-Holocaust is slightly stronger.

-All his summons: Faster.
-Romozaur: slightly faster attack, longer bounce.

-Cerberus now splits into Biters upon death.

-New Summon: Fel Crossbowman.

=== Cosmetics

-New model for Maggot.

-Changed model for Horizontal Gate.

-Removed the ground textures of houses and residences.

-New icons for:
-Changed icons for: Floating Height.

-The heal of Black Death Aura now shows a visual.

-Avatar of the Well no longer tilts sideways.

-Increased music volume and removed other soundtracks than Lux Aeterna.
-Lowered sound volume of Rain of Chaos's travel effect.

=== Bugs/Glitches

-Fixed Arctic Wing being targeted as ground instead of air.
-Fixed Charm working on Luxpillars.
-Fixed Gates being healed when you close them.
-Fixed a glitch where you could make money from Portals.

-Fixed invisible weirdnesses (archer).

-Fixed hotkey for:
Call of the Oblivion; Medium Foundation.

-Fixed icon for: Medium Foundation.

byme pathingmaps and model for vertical irongate unit.
erased Fake Colossi.
erasedflying dutchman tier1 and tier 2 (both air & low modes) and all related abilities.
grand cross no longer multileveled.
grand cross dummy work changed.


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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CC 0.88+ 0.88b changelog (major changes)
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