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 Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog

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Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog Empty
PostSubject: Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog   Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog Icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 2:26 pm

=== Player-friendliness

-Classified teams with labels in game lobby, making alliances obvious.
-Shortened many tooltips.

-Removed the introduction cutscene about what Defenders can do.
-Removed the introduction cutscene where a Colossus is flying.
-Removed the cutscene where reinforcements arrive for the Holy team.

-Renamed Defender basic menu: "Special Menu (Defender)".
-Renamed Colossus basic menu: "Special Menu (Colossus)".

=== Gameplay

-Entirely removed the concept of Villages (not Towns). Consequences:
*Village Luxpillars no longer exist, which means Towns no longer have a Dome Shield.
*Towns still have a Luxpillar fueling the Well's Dome Shield, which is the only one remaining.

-Time before the Colossi arrive reduced: 180 seconds -> 85 seconds.

-Garden tree: larger footprint.

-"Basic Bash", "Basic Critical", "Basic Evasion":
No longer have multiple levels. Rebalanced. Renamed.
-"Basic Missile Avoidance": renamed "Projectile Evasion".

-Humans no longer all have Close Range Detection.

-Increased movement speed of the slowest Chaos units.

-Removed 4 of the Villager's portals, and modified links of the remaining ones.

-Replaced one of the unit types in the reinforcements by Sorcerers.


-Removed the building "Shipyard" and the unit it made, "Guardian".
There are no longer any naval units.

-Their units no longer have inventories.
-Their units no longer have Basic Humanoid Attributes.
-Removed some abilities from all "Basic xx Attributes" spellbooks.

-Move faster.
*Mana burn: much weaker, manacost increased, cooldown reduced.


-Luxpillars no longer have an autoattack.


-Evolving no longer requires a summoned unit of the corresponding type alive.

-Chaos income from kills and from Chaos Generators is no longer lost when the player's Colossus is dead,
but divided by 2 instead.

-Increased turn speed of Colossi.
-Slightly increased move and attack speed of all Colossi, plus little extra for Infernal COlossus.
-"Upgrade Colossus Speed" can be done less times now.

--New Evolved Summons:
-"Arctic Wing"
-"Crystal Warrior"
-"Crystal Archer"
-"Flesh Legionary"
-"Infernal Crawler"
-"Infernal Legionary"
-"Stygian Reaper"
-"Stygian Legionary"

-Colossus Rematerializer no longer costs food.

-Gathering the Magic: cooldown reduced.
-In the Name of Chaos: manacost removed.
-Gather Army: now directly in the Special Menu instead of being in a submenu.
-Colossus Upgrades Menu:
*No longer in the Leveler.
*Now in the Evolved Leveler.
*Upgrades cost much increased.

-Evanescence now only works on buildings.


-His summons now have a foodcost written in the summon spell.
-Red Giant can no longer capture Aprotodons.
Modified stats.
-New Summon: "Cerberus Rider".

=== Environment

--Terrain reworked:
-Slightly larger.
It's now possible to walk past the Relic Shrines, and to walk into them without the magical defender bridges.
-Removed villages.
*Are much larger.
*Now have white ground and different walls.
-Lowered overall height of terrain in towns, Relic Shrines, and the Holy Shrine.

-Garden Trees no longer block sight.

-Added some invulnerable doodads for decoration.

=== Cosmetics

-Army Manager: Selection circle is now visible.

-Some trees no longer have a fixed rotation.

-New icons for: Special Menu (Defender); Jump and Crush; Holocaust; In the Name of Chaos;
Ghost Attack; Special Menu (Colossus); Evolutions Menu; Gathering the Magic;
Projectile Evasion; Mana Burn.
-Changed icons for: all "Advanced" versions of Army Manager unlocks; Improvements.

-Much reduced the size of Shadow Colossus's shadow.
This might fix a glitch.

-Extended name for Kil'Jaeden in lobby.

-The sound that used to be played in the introduction when a Colossus is flying,
is now played whenever Rain of Chaos is casted. Volume reduced.
-Modified some cameras and movements in the cutscene where Luxpillars appear.

-"In the Name of Chaos" 's visual effect can no longer tilt sideways.

=== Glitches

-Gather Army no longer forgets Evolved summons.
-Fixed food check for Colossi summons:
if your available food is exactly the cost of the summon, the game no longer says "not enough food".

-Fixed the Dome Shield shooting away dead or invulnerable units.

-Fixed some hotkeys.

Reorganized alot of folders, labels etc.
erased all village variables, regions and units except about portals.
did the ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\ stuff for the non-disabled ones.
Changed "village cobbled path" tile to "village Fall cobbled path",
and edited that tile into buildable and walkable.
Removed things they weren't supposed to have from some units (Blue Falcon,
mountain incarnation)
Reduced levels of all obsolete multileveled abilities from RD.
Many new pathing blockers with by me pathing maps.
New decoration doodads.
Renamed cameras.
Re-tweaked endcredits offset that got disturbed by new terrain.
erased flying dutchman non-upg version, erased ghost attack non-hero version.


The bot's name is: TealHaze

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Chaos Colossus Helper (Colossus class)
Chaos Colossus Helper (Colossus class)

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Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog   Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 1:02 am

Holy crap, that's definitely the longest changelog I've read in my entire life lol
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Chaos Colossus 0.87 +b +c +d changelog
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