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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.53 + 0.53b

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.53 + 0.53b   Changelog Avatar beta 0.53 + 0.53b Icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 2:36 am

=== Player-friendliness

-Improved many texts, especially for Eywa's INFOBOX and Eywa's abilities.
-Lightning Strike now shows area of effect when targeting.

=== Gameplay

** Corps

-Text for making AMP suits is much clearer.
-Recon Shellcam can now be learnt at herolevel 1.
-Barracks food production: 4 -> 6.
-Electric Cremation cooldown rebalanced.

** Avatars

-New item (Interact on Unobtanium Deposit): "Unobtanium Fragment"
-New item (Interact on Sunray Tree): "Sunray Net"
-New item (Interact on Toruk): "Toruk Ornament"

-Using Interact now always gives 100 XP.
It no longer gives more for higher level effects.
It no longer gives nothing when you can't have that effect yet.
There is no longer a text telling you that you gained those 100 XP.
There is now a text telling you why Interact didn't work when you tried it.
-Interact on Viperwolf no longer does anything before you
get enough Knowledge of Animals.

-When used by an Avatar, SMG shoots a salvo of 3 bullets instead of 1.
Amount of charges reduced to balance this.

-Na'vi units no longer cost resources, they're only limited by foodcost.
-Huntress (archer) shoots much faster.
Their poison is shorter: 19s -> 15s.
-Ikran Makto HP reduced: now equal to Ikran HP.
When an Ikran Makto dies, the Warrior (rider) appears on the ground.

-New Bonus (Discover on Ikran): Agility Boost.

-Battle Rage is abit stronger and costs alot more mana.

** Eywa

-Starts with less max HP: 120000 -> 60000.

-Blessing cooldown changed: 10s -> 60s.
It is longer: 28s -> 62s.
It no longer has a requisite.

-Animal Control cooldown changed: 10s -> 20s.
It no longer has a requisite.

-Green Peace cooldown changed: 10s -> 60s.
Amount of heal on Hometrees and Animal Respawners changed: 5% -> 25%.

-Deceiving Lights cooldown changed: 40s -> 60s.
Duration changed: 20s -> 7s (double duration on heroes).

-Sentinel costs alot more mana.
It no longer has a requisite.

-Wrath of Pandora costs more and refunds more mana.

-Pandoran Tribunal: manacost increased.
-"Pandoran Tribunal" is now called "Upgrade: Pandoran Tribunal".

-"Summon Atokirina" cooldown: 200s -> 260s.

-Acid Rain requisites: 9 powerstones -> 7 powerstones.

-New spell (plant): "Plague Eggs"
-New spell (pandoran): "Disruption"
-New spell (animal): "Upgrade: Animal Reinforcement"
-New spell (animal): "Global Assault"

=== Environment

-Added some Metallic Grounds.
-Added some Sunray Trees and Zigzag Trees around the map.
-Removed some Pandoran Trees and Gnarled Trees.
-Unobtanium is slightly bigger.

& some others


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.53 + 0.53b
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