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 Changelogs Avatar beta 0.50 + 0.51

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PostSubject: Changelogs Avatar beta 0.50 + 0.51   Changelogs Avatar beta 0.50 + 0.51 Icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2011 6:19 pm


-Improved help text and icon at the Armor Bay about AMP suits.
-Shortened text in Infoboxes concerning Piercing damage and Ministun chance.
-Changed icon for "Drive an AMP Suit" and improved its text.
-Made text for "Space Drop Request Chooser" more clear, and removed "Request" in its name.

-Made many texts shorter and clearer.

-Reorganized buttons in the ISV spaceship.

-Made error text for "Not enough unobtanium credits" more explanative.


-(!!!)There is no longer any Corp vehicle or building (except AMPs) that will not attack if you don't load units inside it.
That means all RDA units are now fully functional as soon as they are made.
For reference, these units needed to load units or they would not attack: Tank, Mantis Quattro, Scorpio, Big Bertha.
-Foodcosts of vehicles have been corrected to balance this change.
-Big Bertha now shoots faster and costs more resources.

-Corps now start with the same units as before, +2 Workers.

-AMP units no longer have a minimal attack range, except AMP Rocket Trooper.
-AMP Worker no longer has HP regeneration.

-Space Drop now has global range, which means you can drop on any Space Pad instantly no matter where your spaceship is.


-Changed icon for the Firebat's Afterburn passive. It now really shows it's a passive.
-Firebat now has the same voice as other soldiers.
-Changed icons for Special Moves to something more explicit.
-Changed icon for the MLRS's "Attack Ground Once" ability.
-Changed icon for Self-destruct.


The bot's name is: TealHaze
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Changelogs Avatar beta 0.50 + 0.51
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