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 Suggestions needed: Na'vi units

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Suggestions needed: Na'vi units Empty
PostSubject: Suggestions needed: Na'vi units   Suggestions needed: Na'vi units Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 6:17 pm

Title sums it up: i need more ideas for na'vi units and buffs, so they can be more efficient than they are currently (they're no match for good Corp players).
So let me know what you can think of!


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Suggestions needed: Na'vi units Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suggestions needed: Na'vi units   Suggestions needed: Na'vi units Icon_minitimeSat Aug 28, 2010 10:34 pm

Not that hard to think of, here are a few thoughts:

Lethal neurotoxin- upgrade the neurotoxin of watchers and huntresses so that it instantly kill the targeted organic unit after a certain time upon hitting. (about 10-15 seconds)

Give ranged units a possibility of "headshot", deals massive dmg to AMPed units and instantly kills organic units. To balance it add the possibility of missing, just like bullets.

Break aircraft- Ikrans Maktos deals 10% of the aircraft's max hp, breaking it. Prevents any attack until fixed. (Just like AMPs)

When you become a warlord, you may be able to train subordinate warriors that can gain exp and learn skills. They can lead the battle for the avatar marine, there should be a cap, 1 or 2 sounds good.

You still need to add Toruk's wing pushback, Thanators' jump strike, Titanos' "stampede?" and a skill for viperwolves, possibly a group aura which they become stronger when more wolves are nearby.

That's it for now, going to sleep.
Off topic: wierd glitches:

Hell Trucks can deliver unobs to unfinished space-pads.

Berthas takes waaayyy too long to unload if you click the wrong place.

Hotkey interference of organic units' special move autocast (E) and Ekin somersalt (E)

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Suggestions needed: Na'vi units
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