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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.35 (a b) (Valkyrie, Interact).

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.35 (a b) (Valkyrie, Interact). Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.35 (a b) (Valkyrie, Interact).   Changelog Avatar beta 0.35 (a b) (Valkyrie, Interact). Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 3:52 pm

-Improved loading screen text.
-Unlock texts were made more noticeable.

-Improved some tooltips, especially about pilots.
-Swan now has an Infobox.
-Relocated some icons for better intuitiveness.

-Removed "Field" in names of Medics and AMP Medics.

-There are now 2 types of transports: for organics, and for vehicles.
Organics transports cannot transport vehicles, and vice-versa.
Transport sizes of all Corp vehicles rebalanced.
-All unit loaders except Armor Bay are now Organics loaders.
-Armor Bay is now a Vehicle loader. Tooltip updated.

-New item-class: Armors. You can only have 1 at a time.
-New item-class: Headpieces. You can only have 1 at a time.

-Understanding of Animals now unlocks items from using Interact on them ("Rip" effect).
-New item: Thanator Armor.
-New item: Ikran Pickaxe.
-New item: Viperwolf Cap.

-Interact now has an effect on AMP Suits: damages them and makes them unable to attack ("Break" effect). Also steals a weapon from them ("Disarm" effect) if it's an AMP Worker.
-New item: Cutter Arm.

- 100 points in Understanding of Na'vi now gives shared control from player "Na'vi".

-New flying vehicle: Valkyrie. Unob-upgrade unlocked.
Flying Vehicle transporter.

--Metal Foundry and Armor Bay have swapped main functions. Foundry now trains workers into soldiers, Bay makes AMP Suits.
Improved tooltip for both.
-Metal Foundry:
New passive: Foundry supply.
AMPs within that aura can use the new ability: Rearm. It restores the possibility to attack for AMPs that got broken by Avatars (see above).
No longer built by AMP worker.
-Armor Bay:
Now has Repair Bots.
Now built by Workers too.
Now required to build Vehicle Factory and Airbase.

-All Corp units now have mana, and mana regen for most of them.

-Avatars and Na'vis now have as much sight by night as by day.

-Shaman: increased sight range.
-Ikran Makto: reduced sight range.

-Changed amounts of Understanding of Animals that unlock things.

-Airbase is now bigger. Remade the exact pathing path, so it is still exact.
-Scorpions: reduced manapool.

-Changed Rocket Trooper model. (by Elenai +Talon the mage)
-Changed Conic Trunk model. (by varsaigen)

-New icon for Medikit. (by -JonNny)
Heal wounds now uses that same icon.
-New genuine Avatar icons for:
Thanator, Titanothere (and his aura), Micromissiles (and "Deactivate Micromissiles"), Avatar Marine, Metal Foundry, AMP Security Leader, AMP Medic, AMP Rocket Trooper, Dispersor, Airbase, HeadQuarters, Space Drop, Sentry, Valkyrie.

-Fixed Understanding of Na'vi from being able to unlock what Understanding of Humans unlocked.

-Medikit no longer has the green icon glitch.

-Fixed a mistake in the tooltip for Infantry Unobtanium Upgrades menu.
-Fixed Scorpion's Infobox.
-Fixed Eywa's multiboard tip.
-Fixed tooltip for Sentry ("Can be" automated).

vJASS rawcoded corp units and items.
jassed corp drop equipment upon death.

erased vehicle factory save, airbase save, amp archive.

fixed tempintegerITEMclass and UNITclass var types. might cause item system bugs.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.35 (a b) (Valkyrie, Interact).
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