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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.34 (Help Pandora)

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.34 (Help Pandora) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.34 (Help Pandora)   Changelog Avatar beta 0.34 (Help Pandora) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 8:51 am

-New command "-help" or "-h".
It shows up a help menu from which you can pick what subject you want info about.

-Zone name is now displayed when you enter it with your hero.
-As of now zones are: Mirror Beach, Destiny's Swamp, Eywa's Shrine, Hell's Gate, Trembling Plains, Thanator Valley, Hallelujah Mountains.

-Lifebar of thrown Puffball Bulbs is now much smaller.

-Improved tooltip for Load Unit and Get Out.

-New feature: Underground Passageway.
There is now one at the Hallelujah Mountains, allowing to reach them by just walking.

-Animal AI: improved reaction to attacks, especially machine guns.

-Lightning Strike now destroys trees in its AoE.

-They now start with a Medikit and a SMG.


-Viperwolf: attack speed and minimum damage increased.

-Pandoran Tribunal:
Changed the amount of mana it gives: lower at LVL1, much higher then.
Lowered manacost. Improved tooltip, updated Infobox.

-Lightning Strike:
No longer has a cooldown. Now has a 1 second casting time.
Lowered AoE.
Lowered manacost.

-Secret passages: lowered manacost.
-Interact: now has a manacost.

-Increased max damage of Conic Trunk's Impale.

-Fixed cost of Superior I.S.V. Design.
-Big Bertha: increased max range, increased attack speed.
-Mantis Quattro: lowered max range.

-The Beach, Eywa's Shrine and the Swamp now have ambient sounds, even though you will probably never hear them unless you turn down "music" volume in game options.

-Puffball Bulb and Spears now show up in hand.
-Avatar Marine now plays an animation when he uses an item.

-Blessing now has a proper buff.

-Removed some obsolete imports.

-Fixed a bug with LVL3 and LVL4 Conic Trunks and Tree Barks, that would allow Avatars to bypass the hand item limit.
-Fixed Toruks and Na'vi buildings other than Hometree from not giving mana to Eywa when dying.
-Fixed Interact on foot soldiers from giving higher level weapons faster than the unlock texts would tell you.
-Fixed Conic Trunk's Impale from not causing aggressive behaviour from animals with whom avatars have gained neutrality.

-Fixed "Avatar Marine - Riding" being able to have other names than Jake Sully, and not having the same stats than ground one.
-Fixed tooltip for Conic Trunk LVL4.

fixed a location leak when tree is not a puffball tree, in regrow trees trig.

removed sfx on "Amov" ability.

*Since previous version, testing the map directly from the editor,
makes it appear more laggy than in actual online tests...

hallelujahpass_enter & _exit
added 12x12 unbuildable pathing map

added diplomacy antibug in Deliver a message trig for tests, no effect in normal games.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.34 (Help Pandora)
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