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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.32 (more polishing)

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Changelog Avatar beta 0.32 (more polishing) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.32 (more polishing)   Changelog Avatar beta 0.32 (more polishing) Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 2:33 pm

-Removed a useless prefix in front of some of Eywa's spells.
-Building icons in AMP Worker's build menu are now placed more intuitively.

-Improved tooltip for Thunderstorm, and it now mentions that it's channeling.


-Medikit healing type changed to % of max HP. Stats changed. Tooltip updated.

-New weather spell: Lightning Strike. (base by Paladon)


-Sentinel: slightly lowered manacost.

-Green Martyr: lowered manacost.

-Primal Fury: Slightly longer duration, lower manacost, tooltip improved.

-Thunderstorm: increased AoE, manacost and cooldown.

-Pandoran Tribunal: added 1 level with lower cost.

-Effect of Interact on Mushroom trees (mana regeneration) increased.
-Lowered amount of Understanding of Humans gained from using Interact on Corp buildings that are not Metal Fences.

-Changed icon for Quests - Animals, fixing the green icon bug.

-When an Avatar with Animal alliance casts an aggressive spell at an Animal (including items), it will now cause the aggressive behaviour like an attack would.
-Fixed the Agility Discover Bonus (from viperwolf) from not working, and its tooltip.
-Fixed Pandoran Tribunal not working exactly as advertised (costed more mana, no real cooldown).
-Fixed Medikit heal not being targetable.

-Fixed "Avatar - Riding" not having the same model as ground one.
-Fixed portrait for Avatar Marine model. (by Misha).

"use item" weapon abilities now no aoe in editor field.

improved jass "code" section with common lines
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.32 (more polishing)
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