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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.30 (Eywa)

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.30 (Eywa)   Changelog Avatar beta 0.30 (Eywa) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 2:52 pm

-Added Cooldown Classes to item tooltips, to know in advance what items you won't be able to use instantly after having used an item.
-Item description for Corp weapons is now more precise.

-Hotkey for List of Bonuses changed, so that you can't enter it accidently by double-hitting Special Menu hotkey.
-Hotkeys for Rest and Interact changed, to avoid other hotkey accidents like above.
-Bird Patrol now has a hotkey.

-Shortened text when a Discover Bonus is unlocked.
-Bonus abilities now have a "+" at the start of the name.
-Tooltip for Battle Rage: Resistance now mentions the origin.

-Text when getting sight from trees with Interact improved.
-Tooltip for Rootgrip much improved.
-Tooltip for Pandoraquake now warns that it's channeling.
-Improved Tip for Build a Metal Foundry objective.

-Completed lists of spells for Eywa's spellbooks.


-Moved one Unobtanium from the west to the middle swamp (that had none).

-New passive for Thanators: Wide Strikes.

-New Flora ability: Green Peace.
-New Weather ability: The Rain.
-New Pandoran abilities: Pandoran Tribunal; Blessing.

-Mana income from deaths can now be increased 2 times.

New Bonuses: +Severe Hit, +Wide Strikes.
Thanators now give 2 different Bonuses, you get a random one for each casting of Discover.

When used on trees, it now gives +1 Understanding of Flora.
Zigzag trees now give sight instead of Tree Bark.

-Killing animals with Avatar while riding now gives Animal Understanding too.
-Killing humans now gives Understanding of Humans, based on the importance of the unit killed.

-Now start with less units.

-Swan: now requires pilot. Reduced foodcost.


-Titanothere: increased attack speed.
Damage less random, attack speed increased, attack effect point and backswing later.
Modified critical (less random, less powerful).

-Reduced mana income from trees.
-Increased mana from deaths.

-Pandoraquake: increased manacost, reduced effect and duration.
-Thunderstorm: cooldown much increased.
-Wrath of Pandora: manacost increased.

-Samson: Increased attack speed, now consistent with other SMG users.
-Hell Truck: slightly increased attack speed, reduced minimal attack range.
-Rocket Troopers: shoot sooner and backswing faster.

-Tree bark is now held in the left hand.

-Changed hotkey for Thunderstorm.

-Fixed Interact not producing items when Understanding of Flora was between 20 and 30.
-Increased collision size for barracks, fixing the reason why they couldn't load units.
-Moved one unobtanium, fixing one of the Hometrees not having unobtanium to protect.
-Fixed Avatars and Eywa not having sight of each other after Avatar rebellion.

-Unobtanium-upgrade menu is now preloaded, removing the spike when the first HQ is built.

-Fixed name of the Bulbs obtained, in the text when using Interact.
-Fixed Unobtanium Infantry Upgrades Menu from automatically closing after you've clicked an Unobtanium Upgrade there.
-Root Embrace should stop trying to affect dead units too.
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.30 (Eywa)
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