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 Changelog Avatar beta 0.15

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PostSubject: Changelog Avatar beta 0.15   Changelog Avatar beta 0.15 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 15, 2010 4:24 pm

-Increased delay before Avatars rebel against the Corps to 5 minutes.
-Slightly improved and slowed down introduction messages.


-Improved the animal respawn system:
The initial amount of animals of a specific type (example: thanators) cannot increase anymore. In other words they're maxed at start.
The capture (Instinctive Persuasion) of an animal by an Avatar can no longer cause a respawn.
All animals respawn slower now, with longer respawn delays for bigger animals.
They now respawn scattered, no longer massed around the animal respawners.

-Added Animal respawners, at better places.
-Added Thanators and Titanotheres at start, since they no longer become more numerous over time.
There are no longer any big animals in the first jungle areas accessable by ground.

-New tree: Puffball tree (model by Lord-T-Rex).
-Misty Bulbs now come from this tree, with a 100% chance, and no longer come from Zigzag trees.

-Removed some Conic trees.

-New spell: Root Embrace.
-The Tree Of Souls now gets mana from the deaths of animals, Hometrees and navi units owned by Avatar players aswell. Tooltip updated.

-Reduced Animal respawner hp, increased regeneration.

-Overall unobtanium gathering speed for workers was doubled, the animation plays slightly less often though.

-Increased Sentinel sight while on tree.

-All temperature values were lowered by 5C, for realism. It has absolutely no impact balance-wise.
-Spirit of Eywa renamed: Atokirina'. Hotkey & Infobox updated.

-Sentry: shooting height increased.
-Changed icon for wood/materials/metal.
-Improved effect on space drop landing.

-Fog slightly modified.
-Trees now play an animation when interacted on by Avatars.
-New model for Conic tree (model by takakenji).

-Fixed revival text for Avatar.
-Temperature multiboard color will now get back to white if it drops below 25C.
-Removed the ikran makto owned by player Animals.
-Animals fought by Avatars after they gained alliance no longer create green dots on minimap.
-Eywa's tree's Infobox now states that it also gets mana from Na'vi deaths.
-Eywa now has sight of the spacedrops in introduction.
-Fixed tooltip for sentinel, which was pretending it has a cooldown.

erased obso trig start briefings
ingameplayernumber: all players, fixing root crash
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Changelog Avatar beta 0.15
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