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 Changelog AAoH beta 0.10

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Changelog AAoH beta 0.10 Empty
PostSubject: Changelog AAoH beta 0.10   Changelog AAoH beta 0.10 Icon_minitimeSat Apr 10, 2010 7:05 am

-Added a "Click this button to see the next/first quest of this category" message on Avatar quests in the Quest Reminder.

-Removed all not-in-use upgrades from all units, so that people don't wonder how to upgrade.


-They no longer give gold bounty.
-Gave Titanothere and Thanator a bash.
-Animal spawners renamed: Animal respawners. They are now invulnerable.

-Added the 2nd Flora quest, which should teach Avatars the basics of survival.
-Added the first quest on Humans.
-New item: Branch Spears.
-Added a 33% chance to craft a pack of Branch Spears when using Interact on a mushroom tree, on top of the normal effect.

-Warriors now have a bash.

-New spell Pandoraquake.
-New spell sentinel.

-HeadQuarters now has a minimal attack range.

-Reduced bonus attack speed per agility point to 1%.
-Increased bonus damage per main stat point to 2.

-Global warming effects now happen 3 times less often.
-Increased natural heat decrease to 0.500 degrees per 30 seconds.

-Reduced avatar base mana, starting int and int growth.
-Increased Warrior & ikran makto attack speed.

-Reduced lightning storm aoe and damage; increased delay between hits, amount of waves, manacost, making it easier to avoid.
-Reduced base mana regenaration.

-Headquarters armor increased.

-Added a "heal" SFX on Avatars when they heal from using Interact on zigzag trees.
-Changed Avatar model & icon to demon hunter since theres not any better blue model at the moment.
-Added birds near the Tree Of Souls.
-Changed icon for custom attack type.
-Modified Warrior model.

-Fixed the extra names for Avatars.

rescaled "pandora birds" (from Burning_Iegion) and added to "user-specified list".
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Changelog AAoH beta 0.10
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