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 Changelog AAoH beta 0.09

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Changelog AAoH beta 0.09 Empty
PostSubject: Changelog AAoH beta 0.09   Changelog AAoH beta 0.09 Icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 12:43 pm

-Added a " -stats " command allowing Avatars to check their levels in the different understanding fields. F9 updated.
-F9 now mentions how the camera rotation via arrow keys works if activated.

-Multiboard now displays Corp objectives, namely the amount of Unobtanium minerals around the planet.

-Security Leader now has an Infobox.

-Added anti-teamkill trigger.
-Animals now become temporarily neutral hostile when attacked by a non-enemy. Updated Animal alliance quest text.
-Added Zigzag trees almost everywhere, so Avatars can heal easier.

-Unobtanium minerals are now invulnerable, and they no longer regenerate.
Their max HP was reduced but the rate of depletion from exploitation was kept the same.
Removed many of them, and placed the rest in more strategic places.

-Hometrees no longer attack by themselves.

-Security leader (hero): He's no longer based off a machine (now based of Private), Changed model, stats, and soundset.
He is now able to drive an AMP suit just like normal soldiers, except he gets a special (much stronger) one.
XP is still gained while in the AMP suit, and he may select new heroskills for each time he gets a new one.

-Headquarters now shoots with a chaingun.
-Tanks no longer drop flames where they attack.

-Max movement speed possible is now 522, and minimum 25.
-Reduced time required to resurrect hero depending on his level, and max time required (80 -> 60 seconds).

-Increased Tree Of Souls projectile speed.

-Modified thanataurs and titanotheres stats, more consistently with the movie.

-Avatars now start with 10 points in Understanding of Humans instead of zero.
-Crafting chances for weapons and armors increased to 50%.
-Heal from Zigzag trees increased to 33%.

-Increased attack speed for dryads and archers.

-Modified costs for Tank and Hell Truck.
-Hell Truck is built faster (100 seconds -> 80 s).
-AMP Suits: increased costs, inside-transport size, build time, miss chance; reduced range (1600->1400).
-Factories cost much less gold.
-Tank damage and AoE increased.
-Satellite speed increased and turn speed decreased alot.
-Movement detector metal cost reduced.

-Fixed some selection circles and model scales.
-More names for Avatars.
-Changed ingame player colors more sensefully.
-Fixed SFX for Avatar Battle Rage.
-Changed icon for custom atatck types.
-Changed icon for "Drive an AMP Suit".

-Ikrans now lower their height temporarily when attacking ground enemies. This is purely cosmetic.

-Hometree model changed to World tree.
-Changed Airbase model. Credits updated.
-Changed Tank model and missile art.

-Added a black fade in at start.

-Wood cutter renamed: Slash Cutter.

-Fixed a potential bug with cam 180 rotation for player red.
-The green amount gathered above the metal extractor is now actually accurate.
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Changelog AAoH beta 0.09
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