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 AAoH beta 0.08

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PostSubject: AAoH beta 0.08   AAoH beta 0.08 Icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 10:00 am

-Mission are now explicitely explained at start, and updated as you complete them, for both Avatars and Corps.

-When you right-click unobtanium, workers will now automatically perform Unobtanium Gathering.

-Interstellar Vehicle, Tank, Sentry, Spirits of Eywa now have their Infobox.

-Team 4 now properly mentions that it's an observer slot.

-Updated various tooltips.

-The cam rotation function is now deactivated at start.

-Avatars and Corps are allies at start. Then the scenario changes alliances as time passes.
-Eywa is now playable.

-New building: Watcher.
-Added 2 Na'vi clans.
-Hometrees now regenerate during both day and night, as originally intended.
They lost these abilities: Unroot, Eat trees, (serve as a wood/metal deposit), (be upgraded).
-Spirits of Eywa: now invulnerable. They no longer have evasion.
They no longer have "Take care of the wounded".
-Bird totem: no longer costs food.

-Animal respawn no longer waits for total amount of animals to go down. Viperwolves are now part of the respawns.
-Global warming no longer affects animal respawners, and no longer instantly kills (now damages for 50% of max hp).
-Titanotheres, Thanataurs and viperwolves no longer cost food.

-They now start with an individual Quest Log.
-They no longer start with the Action ability. They have to gain it by completing their first quest (very easy).
"Action" renamed: "Interact". Tooltips updated.
-New hero ability: Secret Passages.
-They now have a 2 slots inventory, and drop items on death.
-Use of "Action" on Conic and Palm trees no longer heals, it now has a chance to produce an item.

-Spirits of Eywa now have an edited wood harvesting skill, gathering faster (5/sec -> 15/sec).

*Human Corps
-Changed Quest #2. Added Quests #3 and #4.

-New Unit: Hell Truck. Can harvest a whole unobtanium mineral at once.
-New Unit: AMP Suit. Triggered battle armor costing no food, that soldiers can take from Vehicle Factories.
-New building: Metal extractor.

-Security Leader and Interstellar vehicle no longer have an inventory.
-Attack speed for air transports (Samson) no longer depends on the amount of units inside them.
They shoot faster now. Updated Infobox.
-New ability: Self-Destruct, for all machines.

-Collateral damage & damage AoE reduced.
-SMG x2 users can now ministun just like SMG users.
-Non-missing bullets now have a % chance to ministun the target, instead of always ministunning.
Only if the ministun chance procs, will the headshot chance be possible (simply put: less headshots).
-Much more details for Infoboxes about all this.

-Lowered food cap (150-> 80).

-Viperwolves: more damage, attack speed and hp (300 -> 450).
-Titanothere damage increased.
-Ikran food cost reduced (2->1).

-Instinctive Persuasion now requires you to gain 2 levels before you can level it up.
Cooldown reduction per level is now -3 seconds/level ( -4 seconds/level before).
-Animal Understanding required to capture big animals reduced (55 -> 45).
-Sight from Action on Sunray tree increased.
-Heal from Action on zigzag tree increased (20 -> 25% of the tree's hp).

-Archers shoot slightly faster.
-Bird patrol: speed, damage and range increased.

-Bullet ministun duration reduced (0.15 seconds -> 0.12).
-Reduced foodcost for Tank and "Trooper - heavy" to 2.
-Workers attack slightly faster.
-Interstellar Vehicle speed increased.
-Wood cutter speed reduced.

-New skin for Avatars.
-Arrows: arc reduced.

-New models for Metal foundry, Headquarters, Vehicle factory, Radar. Credits updated.
-Bullet ministun buff art changed.
-Changed icon for Sub-MachineGuns.
-Samsons now have bigger shades.

-Palm tree selection circle is wider.
-Modified unobtanium color and size.

-Corp air transports (Rhino) renamed: Samson.
-Armor factory renamed: Vehicle factory.

-Added a title in quest menu (F9) to credit the mappers and helpers.

-Persuaded animals now lose the wandering behaviour. This probably fixes some odd reactions they had in battle.

-Instinctive Persuasion now displays the correct amount of Understanding of Animals required for big animals.
-Fixed Sentries being built faster than what was written in tooltip.
-Riderless Ikrans now have a tooltip.


Var indentifier for arrays is changed from "X" to "_A" .
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AAoH beta 0.08
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