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 AAoH alpha 0.07

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PostSubject: AAoH alpha 0.07   AAoH alpha 0.07 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 4:59 am

-Created a custom camera system keyboard controlled to easily rotate the camera around.
-Commands menu in F9 updated. Added colors to it.

-Added build time in tooltip for all buildings and units.

-The already applied custom damage type multipliers, are now mentioned in the weapon/armor tooltips.

-Improved tooltip for flamethrower and private.
-Gave Hometree a proper tooltip.

-Customized some of the interface.

-Slightly improved loading screen text.
-Gave Factory and Airbase proper tooltips.

-Leaver units are now share-controlled by his allies.
-Added cpu player: Eywa
-Added observer slot (Player 12).
-Added a war declaration when humans attack the Na'vi.

-Projectile system is now custom for some unit types, like sub-machinegun users.
Those units may: totally miss their target, their projectiles hitting around it; hit it partially; deal collateral damage to untargeted units; perform headshots.
Custom chance to miss is based on the distance to the target.

-Modified starting diplomacy.

-Avatars now start near the human base, without a Hometree, with a bipedal hero.
-Avatar now has an innate basic abilities menu.
-Hometree is no longer buildable.
-Modified production points of Na'vi units.

-New basic ability: Action.
Allows interaction with doodads and units, to regenerate, make people join your side,
perform special actions, gain XP, and more.

-"Discover" is now available, can be used on doodads, and it's no longer channeling.
Using this ability allows Avatars to gain various types of Bonuses permanently, among other things.
They are recorded in a specific sub-menu of the "Avatar basic abilities Menu".

-Instinctive persuasion now requires a certain level in Understanding of Animals to work on bigger units.

-New unit: Ikran.
-Animals now have mana.
-Titanothere damage type is now siege.

-New unit Warrior.
-New unit Ikran makto (rider).
-New building Leaf hammocks.
-New passive for Na'vi people: "Carbon-enhanced bones".

-Spirits of Eywa no longer build towers of the birds. That is now built by na'vi people.
They are now faster, stronger, have flying movement type and see farther. Foodcost increased. Replaced their Evasion by "Evasion of the small".
-"Take care of the wounded" removed from Archers and Dryads; Spirits of Eywa now have it, and now have mana.

-Bird totem size reduced. Now has Plated armor.
-Bird patrol is now a Hometree ability, requiring bird totem, and it's stronger.

-Headquarters no longer resurrects heroes. It is now done by Space Pad.
-Security leader now has "Plated armor".

-Starting location moved towards south.
-Space pad now has a use, and a tooltip.
-Armor factory no longer stores gold & wood, space pad now does.

-New unit Metal foundry. Re-organized requisites.
-New special unit: Interstellar Vehicle Venture Star

-Slight changes to some random stats, plus the following:

-Max food reduced to 150. Hero revival max time is now 80 seconds (50 before).
-Piercing damage multiplier is now even higher against small to medium sized units.
-Reduced chances for Evasion passives. Improved their tooltip.

-Animal respawn will now respawn animals only when their amount goes below 33% of the initial amount.

-Spirits of Eywa now have 0 armor.
-Increased hometree attack range. Reduced its food production (100 -> 20).
-Dryads now do siege damage.

-Now start with more resources.
-Workers now have a gold cost.

-Armor factory; increased HP (12000-> 20000), armor (20 -> 35), gold cost (200 -> 4500) and build time (70->140).
-Sentry: armor increased (30-> 40), range now as advertised (50% farther than privates), reduced damage (now consistent with other submachineguns).
Lowered minimal attack range. Changed pathing map. No longer costs food.

-Reduced collision size for non-vehicle human units.
-Increased projectile speed of bullets, and reloading speed, for SMG users.
-Reworked costs of some buildings.
-Reduced turn speeds and shooting angles for most units.
-Woodcutter: Modified attack range, increased hp (1600->2700) and cost. Attack speed is now the speed at which it slashes trees.

-Recon shellcam duration increased (12 -> 25).
-Rhino: Increased size, flying height, hp (1600 -> 2000), woodcost (600->1200), units loaded (2 -> 6). Fixed building time. Lowered rate of fire.

-Flamethrower: reduced base damage (50->25), increased afterburn damage (7.5dps -> 15dps) and slow (1% -> 2%).
Reduced range. Increased attack speed.
-Increased foodcost of Tanks and Rhinos (2 -> 4).
-Increased tank movement speed (280 -> 370).

-Better icon for neurotoxic poison.
-Better projectile art for bullets.

-Global temperature is no longer periodically announced.
You can still find it in the multiboard.

-Avatar heroes are now all called Jake Sully.

)Bugs & glitches
-Fixed the glitch that made it hard to load units into helicopters.

-Improved terrain.
-Satellite and dummies no longer show on minimap.
-Tower of the birds renamed: Bird totem.

-"Na'vi" now has proper spelling.
-Changed possible proper names for human hero. Added "Colonel Miles Quaritch" to them.
-Scorpion renamed: Rhino.
-Na'vi tribes renamed: Na'vi clans.

-Fixed some collision sizes, probably fixing some default w3 "smart" order glitches in the process.

-Factory renamed Armor factory.
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AAoH alpha 0.07
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