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 Changelog 0.80 (new colossus skills)

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Changelog 0.80 (new colossus skills) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.80 (new colossus skills)   Changelog 0.80 (new colossus skills) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 1:40 am

-Generalized the recent change to the leveler system (like for Flesh colossus) for more intuitiveness.
This implies that many abilities that evolved colossi defaultly had without spending skillpoints, now require at least one.

-Magical bridges are now indicated on the floor by arrows.

-Cultists now have idle worker icon when they're doing nothing.

-New ability for Infernal: Fire Emblem.
For once, it comes with a story.

-New ability for Crystal: Charm.

-Reworked Glaciar aura for Arctic: now slows attack speed by a constant 30%, and movement speed by 3% (+3%/level), in 450 aoe (+50/level).

-New ability for Stygian: Soul slavery.
-Stygian no longer has "Black death aura".
-"Unconscious suicide" reworked (now trigger-enhanced), it is now levelable.

-New ability for Flesh: Bats.

-Magical Bridges no longer appear when the Defender (or the Avatar of the Well) was walking below it.
-Better defense for villages (+2 archers) and towns (+3 snipers).

-Colossi now have basic missile avoidance among their free default hidden abilities.
-Ghost attack's damage no longer increases with level (stays 250), range reduced (+200/level -> +150), amount of targets reduced (base 6 ->5). Updated tooltip.

-Reduced aprotodon capture chance for Red giants (10%-> 5%).
-Reduced bouncing range for Spectre's chaos lightning (900 -> 500). Now mentioned in tooltip.

-Fixed Colossus evolution sometimes refunding less than the correct amount of skillpoints.
Now uses a much safer mechanism that shouldn't ever bug unlike the old one.

-Added an sfx for Diabolic edict when it actually deals the damage.
-Changed icon for Circle of Fire (imported).
-Changed art for unconscious suicide.

-Fixed learning tooltip for "Levelup Anabolism".

-Silver Spines (humans) no longer have Call of the oblivion and the autoshoot of the Oblivion tower.

-Birds of zeus no longer have their unmount skill, which was supposed to do nothing anyways.

-Improved a statement from the defender in the intro.

erased deathrecycling
sprefundevolve now sp2berefundedelvolve, initvalue now0
refund based on coloskills learnt only instead of levelups
jass evolvetrig add int unspent to sprefundevolve before oldceras

erased abil manamigration energyaura
reset charm lvls>5
restored lv1s edict glaciar
regions magicalbridgelowzone
erased leavethebirdsofzues
erased blackdeathauraforbuff

erased energywave(basic), wasin hum&ud casters
erased feast &its trig
erased leavethebluefalcons leavetheseraphims lookforanarcanist
soulslavery 5lv
erased naturesoffering-nat

bat melee reworked
erased armsofmorpheus windprison
erased upgradearrow1,2,3 btn&dis
erased disbtninvorethorium
erased chaosrock8obso &neutralized itstrig
erased batrecyclerforflesh

erased obsolevelertrigs
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Changelog 0.80 (new colossus skills)
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