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 Changelog 0.79 (Flesh)

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Changelog 0.79 (Flesh) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.79 (Flesh)   Changelog 0.79 (Flesh) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 09, 2010 6:44 pm

-Improved some tooltips in the Army manager.

-Leveler names are now written better, and proper names now tell which type it is.

-Improved tooltip for evolutions menu.
-Each evolution's tooltip now gives global indications and a few details on what that type of colossus is about.

-Tweaked the "Evolved Leveler" system for even more intuitive understanding of how to get and use the spells.
This is only applied for Flesh colossus currently, to be generalized if feedback about it is good.

-Cerberus are no longer directly summonable. Updated creatures menu.
-Two Biters can now merge into a Cerberus. Updated tooltips.
-Sludge monsters new skill: Plagueworms. Updated tooltips.
-Sludge monsters no longer have spellcaster magic resistance.

-Flesh Colossus new levelerskill: Anabolism.
-Flesh Colossus new skill: Maggots.

-Flesh Colossus now has a basic hp regeneration (5/second) unlike other Colossi.

-"Spellcaster magic resistance" nerfed (take 55% less damage ->take 45% less)

-"Bring a squad" functions cooldown increased (30 seconds->60).
-Silver Spine attack speed reduced (1.75 cooldown ->2).
-Guard towers no longer have a minimal attack range. Updated tooltip.
-Green giant are now size 1 (in transports).

-"In the name of chaos" heal increased (50%-> 60%).
-Colossus (unevolved) hp increased (14000->16000), evolved colossi too (16000->18000).
-Bloodthirst no longer increases the damage Flesh Colossus takes from enemies.
It now costs 200 mana at all levels.
-Rebalanced Phage.

-Sludge monster hp increased (1800->2300).
-Biter hp, size, resource cost and foodcost increased. Updated tooltips and trigger.

-Introduction: Tweaked a delay in the first scene, to avoid the tower sometimes not being upgraded there.

-Silver spine death no longer ends abruptly.

-Removed an invisible sfx on Death Feast.
-Icon for deactivating Death Feast is now different from activation one.
-Flesh Colossus now slightly bigger.
-Changed icon for all "creatures menu" (leveler and KJ).
-Changed icon for bloodthirst.

-The "-lock" command now follows your hero, no longer the units you selected (was too buggy).

-New proper names for Crystal Colossus.
-Fixed tooltip for Chaos atmo production in Chaos generator.
-Uncaptitalized death feast tooltip.

-Improved map description (the one you see when browsing the map list inside w3).

-Fixed tooltip for blade dancers
-Fixed "Bring a squad" functions from saying the army manager shortcut is F2 (now properly says its F1).

-Bloodthirst now has a proper buff, with a new art.

bool coloisevolved evolvejass
erased lock(old)
imported chaosmerge2 cc 0.20

nulled plagueworms foodcost
recolored, reworked stats
condition for skilltransferCololearnin now isin thecolossi

erased obsodeathscene
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Changelog 0.79 (Flesh)
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