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 Changelog 0.78

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PostSubject: Changelog 0.78   Changelog 0.78 Icon_minitimeThu Jan 07, 2010 10:20 am

-Loading screen text no longer includes black words over black background, and was improved overall.
Overall more eye-friendly and uses less colors.

-Colossi arrival cutscene now runs faster (shorter).

-All human towers now have their own icon.

-Red giants:
They are no longer affiliated with Humans. They are now Chaos units.
Green giants can no longer evolve (Overgrowth) into Red giants. Updated researches, abilities, triggers, army manager, requirements.
Advanced portals can no longer make red giants (no longer has "bring a squad" of them). Updated triggers, menus, researches.

Kil'Jaeden can now "Summon a Red giant".
They now have a chance to capture aprotodons when they attack them, both units then form a Yamato aprotodon for Kil'Jaeden.

-Magical bridges: the bridges allowing the way to the relics (jump excluded) are now special:
They appear only for human heroes, and disappear as soon as they're gone.
Other units may use the bridge while it's activated.

-New tower Silver Spine (tiny foundation). Updated tooltips.

-Spirit of the Great Elders no longer has Circle of Nobility (disable).
-Magical Well no longer has fresh water aura.

-Birds of Zeus
Zeus' palm rebalanced: duration on heroes (1.4 seconds ->0.5), cooldown (5 seconds ->6), and chance to proc on heroes (8% ->9%) and non-heroes (20%->25%).
Flying hand rebalanced: damage (40/sec ->100/sec), duration on heroes (2seconds ->1).
-Changed armortype of some magical human towers from heavy to fortified.

Rebalanced manacost (75), cooldown (3 seconds ->4), duration on heroes (1.10 seconds ->0.4) and non-heroes (2 seconds ->3).

-Red Giant and Yamato Aprotodon foodcost: now 5.
-Roar rebalanced: damage (160 ->110), aoe (400 ->350), duration (2.55 seconds ->2.25, on heroes 1.70 ->1.00). Tooltip is now accurate.

-Colossus (unevolved) base hp increased (12000 ->14000), evolved too (15000->16000).

-Added water effects on the Well.

-Sentry tower and its -Sniper evolution no longer use a ground texture.
-"Sentry tower - sniper" now has different arrow model.
-Spire of Oblivion now has new custom projectile model.
-Changed model for "Sniper mages" towers. Updated selection circle.

-Colossi are now slightly bigger (except Flesh).
-Changed Shock and Greater Shock visuals.

-Fixed a few inconsistant tiles and a small height glitch.

-Removed a relic aura from guardian angels.

-Kil'Jaeden's view should no longer be pushed when the Domes appear.

-Gates now cost food.

-"Zues" replaced by "Zeus" throughout the map.
-Fixed hotkey for horizontal gate.

-Relics are now defended much better (+10 Silver Spines, +2 "Sentry tower - sniper", +1 magus citadel, per relic).
-The Well is better defended (+32 silver spines, +12 guard towers).
-Removed one autofire passive from angels (#2, and gave #3 its dps stats). It means they're slightly weaker but, not like it's noticeable or something...

-Changed shortcut for "Summon a romozaur" (R ->Z).
-Restored a proper buff icon for "Roar".
-Changed hotkey for Chaos missile to A (no longer collides with creatures menu).

-Fixed tooltip of boots of the traveller, azuresnake armor.

-Fixed some allcapped words in Colossus evolutions.
-Crystal evolution now requires a spire (building) instead of a scratcher.

erased angelautofire2, overgrowth, importovergrowth,
erased longbowarcher, elitefletcher
erased techs overgrowth, aprotodon mastery

redgiant, yamatoaprotodon, roar now undead
added unitchangesowner to squaddeath events
tempremoved dominateanaprotodon, goandseearedgiant,
and jumpdowntheaprotodon from units

erased abils drinkessentialsourcewater
erased item drinkblessedwater
erased trig drinkwaters

farclipping WellDomecams 6500
setups beginning split(2)

erased copytrigof gatheringthemagiceffect
rects magicalbridgeareas setupsbeginning2
destructable magicalbridge pathnullsidead
group defendingheroes latebeginning

erased resetgamecamera
loopintegs magicbridgesystem magicalbriges
redgiant classificationundead

loopintmagicalbridges, loopintmagicbridgesystem,
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Changelog 0.78
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