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 Changelog 0.77 (polishing and duration extension)

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Changelog 0.77 (polishing and duration extension) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.77 (polishing and duration extension)   Changelog 0.77 (polishing and duration extension) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 01, 2010 10:27 am

-Evolutions menu (colossi) now has the same icon when locked as when unlocked.
-"Materialize a xxxx" functions in Creatures menu (chaos Levelers) renamed: "Summon a xxxx".

-Improved tooltips for army manager menus.

-Master Builder attributes renamed: Defender basic menu. Improved tooltip.
-Improved error texts for low hp heroes trying to cast spells.

-Death scenes should now only affect players whose hero is within 2000 of the dying hero.

-The Holy help that represents the end of the game and an automatic win for Humans, now arrives 5 minutes later (30 minutes after colossi arrival).
-Avatar of the Well (both modes) now replaces Spirit of the Great elders among the units allowed to kill a hero (Colossus).

-Kil'Jaeden can no longer summon spectres.

-Chaos generators now have Small Desolation (creates blight around them).

-Multishot for sentry and guard towers is now actually unlockable, via the Army manager.
-"Archer tower - fake, Bomb" now has an attack displayed in interface (still doesnt attack) to make it harder to tell if it's a true of false one. Tooltip improved.

-Modified basic defenses of orange villages (now 3 archer towers +1 sentry) and orange towns (now 4 guard towers).

-It's no longer possible to attack the players on your side (except orange, for free orders).

-Unit amount of a specific type, required to evolve, lowered to 1 for all types of evolutions. Improved tooltips and error texts.
-"Defile!" cooldown increased (5 seconds->9).
-Infernal Immolation aoe is now 700 at all levels (old 600 +100/level). It is also slightly less flashy.
Manacost per second increased (30 +30/level -> 45+45/level).
Damage decreased (50/sec/level -> 40/sec/level).
-"In the name of Chaos" (colossus heal) cooldown reduced (60 ->45 seconds), manacost reduced (150 ->100). Tooltip improved.

-Cultist health increased: 600->800. Movement speed decreased (175->150).
-"Chaos generator" foodcost increased (4->10), size increased, sight ranged increased (600->900). Updated selection size, collision size, pathing.
Produces stronger chaos potential now (+2-> +10) slower (every 10 seconds -> every 20).

-MasterBuilder base damage reduced (189->149).

-Archer tower range is now the same as archer range (1100->1400). Updated tooltips.
Attacks faster now (cooldown 2 seconds -> 1second).
-Sentry tower range increased (1200->1700), attack speed too (1.50 second cd ->1.00). Tooltips updated.
-"Sentry tower - sniper" range reduced (2800->2400). Updated tooltip.
-Guard tower range increased to 1700, damage increased: now double compared to sentry tower.

-Reduced amount of units per squad by 1 for footmen, archers, blade dancers, gunners.
-Syphon mages:
"Rage transfer" manacost reduced (75 ->60).
Attack cooldown reduced (3 seconds >2.1) and base damage increased (59 ->89).

*The Well
-Blessing rebalanced: Duration reduced (5 minutes ->1), cooldown reduced (2.5 minutes -> 20 seconds),
regeneration changed (5hp/second -> 2% of max hp/second), gives more movement speed (15% ->25%), manacost reduced (225 ->150).
Updated tooltip.
-Village pillar hp increased (4000 ->10.000), for town pillars too (10k ->25k).

-Chaos atoms now have the same size formula when generated from killing as when from generators.
That formula is now less extreme (minimum size increased, max size increases slower).

-Missile art for guard tower changed to a stronger-looking one (for multishot too).

-Improved a few tiles of the terrain.

-Avatar of the Well now causes the same global sound when casting spells, as the Well does.

-The Well and its Avatar should no longer sometimes get XP out of apparently nowhere.
-Fixed Blessing, sometimes it could give the effect to the wrong players.

-Chaos buildings no longer have "Summon a" in their inside-building-menu name.

-Removed obsolete requirements from sentry and guard tower's multishots.

-removed some more allcapped words (improvements menu, evolution menus, Defender basic menu).

-added "-ang" camera command to the list in F9. It also now states that your custom settings are saved & restored after cutscenes.

erased humansoup, greaterchaosgenerator, taurencommunity, forestspirit, hippogryph
well xp gain trig now disabled when max lvl reached, new cond locust
erased lookforaninfantrymember, jointhebirdsofzues, lookforanelitefletcher,
jointhebluefalcons, leavetheblufalcons

created adva creatures menu
modified trig war, category diplomacy moved from fromRD
unit dummypreloader

var deathscenewatchers
var heroesingame renamed allheroesingame
group officialheroes n var officialhero_p, used in latebeginning n colossiarrival, evolvetrigs
set udg_OfficialHero_P[pid] = udg_COLOSSUS_P[pid] in evolvetrigs
added groupremoveunit of officialheroes in oldc removing part of evoltrigs

unleaked deathscene points
moved restorecamallplayers and cam vars to extra scenes
trig restorecam deathscenewatchers
unleaked and doubled the antibug for massing peasants after intro

moved minimapactionswarnings from gameplay to category of their player
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Changelog 0.77 (polishing and duration extension)
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