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 Changelog 0.74! (Day of the Defenders)

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Changelog 0.74! (Day of the Defenders) Empty
PostSubject: Changelog 0.74! (Day of the Defenders)   Changelog 0.74! (Day of the Defenders) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 4:26 pm

-Building buttons relocated in Defender hero.
-"Advanced" buttons for Army Manager unlocks are no longer inside the "normal" ones, they are below instead. Now with hotkeys and improved tooltips. Updated abilities.

-Function for unlocking units renamed (Portal Links->Unlock units). Now has hotkey & improved tooltip.

-Magical Seal now has hotkey, improved tooltip, and improved tooltips for its abilities.

-To build: All 5 foundations, both walls, portals (Advanced too), Archer tower (Fake too), Horizontal gate, Short ranged telekinetus, Magus citadel, Blade launcher (Heavy too), Guard tower, there is now a hotkey.
Tooltips improved for all the aforementioned.

-Magus tower spells renamed: Magus citadel spells menu. Now with hotkey and better tooltip.
-Desolation by fire, Monsoon, Nature's blessing, Judgement of Thunder (Magus citadel) now have hotkeys and improved tooltips.

-Wonders now use orange colorcode.

-When creating a portal waygate, the player is notified of the number of that waygate.
-When a portal is destroyed, the player is notified of the numbers of the waygates lost with it (that means both the waygate that portal had created, and the ones that were targetting him).
-Icons in portal relocated, Infobox improved.

-Building foundations and portals only use/cost control (food) now.
-Getting troops and evolving foundations into towers only cost resources (gold) now.
-Tech points still unlock new units/towers/abilities/etc.

-Fighting units from portals now come in Squads of many units at once. They no longer cost control (food), the limit is the amount of squads you can get.
Each portal you got increases your amount of squads allowed by 2.
When all units that belong in the same squad have died, that squad no longer exists. Then, you may get a new squad from portals to replace the dead squad.

-Reworked the whole army manager organization:
You no longer unlock a specific unit-type, you unlock a race/country instead = multiple units unlocked at once.
Removed all researches and abilities made obsolete by the above change. Improved all tooltips. Renamed all unlocking functions. Updated triggers.
Removed the few unlocks that were not actually useable. Updated triggers.
Removed the unlocks that were simply unlocking the advanced portal/researches etc... Updated requisites and triggers.

-New units for Defenders: Birds of Zeus; Gunners.
-Defenders are allowed to build horizontal gates once again.
-Now they can also build fake archer towers that are actually bombs.
-Defenders no longer start with portals, or actually with anything else than their hero, Army manager and Grantusimo.
-Starting positions improved too: closer to the Well.

-Foundations now have basic structure attributes, allowing them to self-destruct like all finished buildings.
-Walls and gates now have self-destruct.
-Portals now have "basic sturcture abilites", allowing them to self-destruct among other things.

-Colossi no longer have item slots. This might change in the future.

-Gathering the Magic cooldown increased (45->90). Effect increased (3%/second ->7%).
-Rain of Chaos cooldown reduced (300 seconds -30/level -> 290 seconds -50/level).
-Diabolic edict cooldown increased (40->90 seconds).
-Black Death aura aoe reduced (1500->1250) and damage too (5/sec +5/lvl -> 3/sec +3/lvl). Updated tooltips.

*Chaos units
-Spectre hp reduced (1900->1100).

-All types of walls and gates now cost 2 food.
-Portal gold cost reduced (40->20).
-Foodcost increased on all foundations: now from 4 (tiny) to 12 (huge).
-Foodcost increased on portals: now 20 for both normal and advanced (old 10/15).
-Seal mana degeneration (size 5 trap) buffed: now -6% of max mana/ second (old -50 mana per second).
-Arches of Triumph and Statue of liberty are now size 5. Updated all tooltips and cosmetics.

-Magus citadel:
Icy blast (passive) reworked: chance 40->55%, aoe 250->350, duration on non-heroes 1.5->3 seconds. Cooldown 1->6 seconds. Tooltips improved.
Desolation by fire initial damage increased (60->120dps). Tooltip improved.
Monsoon damage frequency increased (4 seconds-> 2 seconds), damage increased (140->300) aoe too (900->1200) and manacost (400->550).
Judgement of Thunder range increased (2500->3000) and damage too (225->250).

*The Well
-The inner holy square's water elementals have reduced degeneration (-100/sec -> -50) and higher hp (4000->5000).

-Heavenly tears buffed: damage (150->450), duration (25->30 seconds). Cooldown increased (150->200 seconds). Buildings are now affected aswell.

-The defiled land and Well should now be visible after the end of the credits.

-Hammer (Defender) glows slightly more regularly when near a Colossus.

-Seal mana degeneration: better icon; now shows much more expressive art.
-Seal movement blocking: better icon. Updated buff.

-Death Feast (sytygian colossus) healing effects now have a different color, easier to differentiate from chaos atoms, and they get bigger with level too.
Missile Speed reduced (1800->1300) too.

-The Colossus flying in the intro is now less red, for hopefully better visibility.

-Bugfix: Righteous Slam now actually gets stronger at higher levels.
It now hits buildings too, and level 1 no longer hits air.

-Removed alot of obsolete units not used in game (reducing map size etc slightly)

-Changed hotkey for Resurrection of the Just (R->C)
-Changed hotkey for Fury (romozaurs) (F->R)

unleaked gate art anim; chaos income
erased trigs longbow ranger morph (RD); water elemental;
moved many skills from NE to hum
restored portals setup in setups beginning
removed unlock archer parts of "picking portal addresses; unlock advanced xxx" trigs
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Changelog 0.74! (Day of the Defenders)
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