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 The Holy Well

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PostSubject: The Holy Well   The Holy Well Icon_minitimeTue Dec 22, 2009 11:51 am

If you want more detailed infor, (projectiles or something) PM me.

here are some spells I made up, (probs over time)

The Holy Land

With this spell, a slow moving wave (probaly like 900MS) is moving from the well,
all enemy creatures will get serious damage, can be done several ways:

- Plain Simple: (example) 700 Damage
- Maybe Diffirent way: (example) 60% of it's total REMAINING hit points, so not total.

When a Colossi get's hit by this wave, it will be (teleported or throw) away from the well, the Colossi wil not be damaged alot, but it has to move back to the well.
Maybe it can be teleported back into it's start position, or into the closest village where a Luxpillar is standing.
The wave has an AOE of like 7K it will stop near the Magus Citadels (in the middle) not sure of that is 7K range.

The Spell is pretty powerfull, it can keep a Colossi away and give the defenders a huge change of survival, so I would say the spell costs 1450 Mana, and has a cooldown of atleast 360 seconds,
otherwise you can keep throwing them around.

Requirements: 3 of the 4 relics must be taken by the Colossi.


The Bridges around the well will be destroyed, if there is an collosi on it it will be thrown into the water, not killing it but getting spit out, like when you jump into the water.
This isn't a real thing, because the Colossi's can jump and use rain of chaos, but it might keep them away for a 30 seconds.
The same for normal units, except the flying ones.
The bridges stay calapsed for 10 seconds.

The mana costs are again high, becuase you stop the Colossi from taking the Well, so I would say atleast a 800 Mana, with an CD of 240 seconds.

Requirements: None

Annihilate Evil (the name might be wrong spelled)

This will not recover the shield around a town, but only the shooting effect of it.
This will stay for 15 seconds, and costs around 600 mana with an Cooldown of 100 seconds.

Slowing down the Colossi and damaging it, like the normal Dome Barrier would do, but then without the shield.

Requirements: you must have atleast 1 relic left.

Holy Water

This can be casted on any friendly unit's except structures, and on every enemy unit except The Colossi.
Friendly Targeted:

The unit will regain full of it's mana and hit points, giving it 14 extra armor for 10 seconds and 12% damage.
Enemy Target:

The unit will lose 60% of it's remaining life, meaning when you have 100 hit points left, after the spell you will just have 40 left, decreasing the armor with 8 and damage with 11%.

The AOE of this spell is 550, but it is unit-targeted.
It will cost near the 800 mana, becuase you can massive heal armies and damage the one's of the enemy, with an CD of 130 seconds.

Requirements: or, the relic that gives mana / sec, or the relic that gives hp / sec, one of those need's to be ours.


This can be targeted at an enemy Colossi, making the screen go black.
Disorientating the Colossi for 2.5 seconds, making it uncapable of seeing what actualy happens.
The screen will go black in 2 seconds, then it will be black for 2.5 seconds and when those are over, it will go normal again it 2 seconds.
This spell is unit-targeted, meaning it will just work for 1 colossi.

It will cost a 450 mana, and has a CD of 70 seconds.

Requirements: None.

Holy Power

This can be targeted at an allied non structure unit, increasing the damage with 25% and armor with 14.
This can be auto casted.

It will cost 15 mana, and has a CD of 2 seconds.

Requirements: None

Holy Strength

The Holy Well will create 4 yellow balls, going into north, south, east and west.
Each of these balls are having auto attacks, (phoenix fire) those auto attacks will damage the Colossi and his spawns.
Each ball also has a healing aura, that will regenerate HP of all nearby allied units with 5 / sec, once these balls crossed the Magus Towers (somewhere near it) they will die, becuase they may not go to far from the Holy Well.

It will cost 880 mana, and will have a CD of 140 seconds.

Requirements: atleast 2 of the relics must be yours, or the one that will regenerate the Mana. (meaning, or 2 relics, or the one that regenerate Mana)

You got any other Ideas for spells for the Well, post them down here =)
Will be updated.
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The Holy Well
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